Fallen Earth: Meet Marie Croall

| 4 May 2010 19:57

Fallen Earth senior designer Marie Croall has responded to player questions on the official FE forums. While the Q&A doesn't address the recent shake up at Icarus Studios, it's a nice read. Check it out!


When the game was in beta, a lot of the members on the dev team were fairly new to their respective fields. As the game has evolved over the past several months, have you learned anything new or interesting about your job that you did not know before?

Everyday I learn something new. Sometimes it's discovering new tricks with our tool set, sometimes it's discovering new exploits. It's always interesting to see how people interact with the material we have created, so we're always looking at what we've done and how we can do it better.

Out of these favorite vehicles what do you prefer to drive! Jeeps, Pickup Trucks, Humvees, Harley or Dirty bikes?


If you could respec in real life, what attributes would you change about yourself?

I've always felt my armor use could be higher.

What's your favorite post-apocalyptic book/graphic novel?

Y: The Last Man

Find out if the preferred breakfast of choice is funnel cakes or flapjacks at the link above.

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