Aion 1.9 Deploys Today

| 2 Jun 2010 12:19

Aion servers will be brought down for eight hours today to deploy the much-anticipated 1.9 patch. The patch features a boon of changes including daily quests, new class skills, increased XP and more. Read on!


NCsoft is scheduled to release Aion 1.9, the latest installment of award-winning MMO, tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday, June 2. Aion's 1.9 update features new content and game enhancements specifically requested by our own player community to improve accessibility and the overall game experience. This update sets the stage for the recently revealed AION: Assault on Balaurea update slated to release later this year. So, if players have yet to join, or are looking to come back, now is a great time to jump into the action and continue exploring the celestial world of breathtaking beauty and epic adventure.

The Aion 1.9 update includes:

New Class Skills
New Zone Quests
Daily Quests
Increased Experience Point Gain
Increased Quest Rewards and Drop Rates
Enhanced User Interface
And plenty more ...

There is an Aion 1.9 podcast featuring the NCsoft Aion crew -

Aion 1.9 will be downloaded automatically from the NCsoft launcher upon loading.

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