BTO: There's a New Mayor in Town

| 2 Jun 2010 12:30

Internal politics in Business Tycoon Online have brought about a shift in the scene. There's a new mayor in town and he's committed to science and technology. Find out more about the new Mayor Bryan!

New Mayor and Exciting Reforms Come to BTO!


DOVOGAME has announced a change in the internal politics of Business Tycoon Online, bringing with it a series of exciting new events and activities to the popular web game.

With the previous Mayor Bryan stepping down due to old age, Andrew Washington, the protégé he took under his wing many years ago, has stepped up and vowed to carry on Mayor Bryan's previous hard work.

In addition to Bryan's policy of developing the economy of Liberty City, Andrew realizes that the development of science and technology is important for Liberty City, and that cultivating more talent is imperative. Mayor Andrew has invited the world-renowned scientist Bell, to carry out the scientific research of Liberty City. With the recently announced "Help Bell" project soon to be under way!

In regards to improving the work efficiency of Liberty City, the new Mayor has recently signed a contract with a major sports company, which will make Soccer Kits available for sale in the city. These Kits will boost the attributes of employees that wear them, thus improving their work rate and efficiency.

With these exciting reforms offering various rewards and new ways to boost the employee efficiency, it looks as though the new Mayor means business, and this is good news for tycoons all over the city. With tons of new policies soon to be implemented, it looks as though more good news is still to come...

Be sure to check out the Official BTO site at for more information on this event as well as other BTO news.

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