Lineage II Junkie Sues NCsoft for His Addiction

| 20 Aug 2010 19:00

A man who's spent over 20,000 hours playing Lineage II is suing NCsoft, claiming his addiction has made him unable to function in real life.

NCsoft has had a tough time in court recently, what with the $28 million victory Richard Garriott won from the publisher last month. It's probably safe to say that NCsoft was hoping it could avoid seeing the inside of a courtroom for quite some time, but it seems that such hopes were in vain. Now, the company finds itself the target of a new lawsuit from one of its most loyal players because he claims Lineage II is so addictive that it has effectively ruined his life.

Craig Smallwood of Hawaii is seeking unspecified monetary damages from the MMOG publisher because, according to the lawsuit, the man's addiction to Lineage II caused him to log over 20,000 hours with the game between 2005 and 2009. In layman's terms, that means the man spent over 833 days (or 2.28 years!) playing the MMOG. As a result, the man has become, "unable to function independently in usual daily activities such as getting up, getting dressed, bathing or communicating with family and friends."

Smallwood claims that NCsoft is negligent (and thus liable) because it failed, "to warn or instruct or adequately warn or instruct plaintiff and other players of Lineage II of its dangerous and defective characteristics, and of the safe and proper method of using the game." Exactly how one should play an MMOG in a "safe and proper method" isn't really explained, but I would love to hear that argument in court.

The last time I remember seeing a lawsuit like this was back in 2002, when Samuel Hirsch tried to sue a number of fast food restaurants for making their meals so tasty that they became addictive, resulting in his obesity and subsequent health problems. If history is due to repeat itself, then one would think Smallwood's lawsuit would also be dismissed. However, the presiding judge refused to dismiss some of Smallwood's claims, so it seems that the suit might actually make it to trial. That said, NCsoft submitted a filing on Tuesday requesting that the entire suit be dismissed.

Source: Wired via GamePolitics

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actually he can. if the judge feels its a waste of the courts time, and is tying up the judicial system and all that noise, he can fine the plaintiff[ this numbnuts] for public mischief.

I'd love it. I really would, if NCSoft took this to court and managed to convince the Judge that they are responsible for him and in order to protect him, perma-ban him, and his 2.2 years of playtime from their system. Then, once he has killed himself in grief, dispute the financial claims from his estate.

..Or something..

I'm sorry, defective?

I mean, it's got him playing it, hasn't it? Then it's not defective, that's its purpose.

Still, nothing funnier than people who can't accept responsibility. Almost every farce out there is based on that, and it's no less funny in real life.

Here's hoping it gets thrown out of court and that guy gets some help.

Also, I recall it having a small warning popping up every minute in your chat logs, reminding you to take a rest.

What a dumbass.

Maybe I should sue the power company for all the elctric shocks I got as a kid because I stuck various metal objets in the powerpoints because I wanted to see if they conducted electricity. Hmm, does Ben Franklin have any living relatives too?

We are all individuals who make decisions for ourselves. With MMO's this is no exception. It is hardly NCsofts problem that this man lacks the discipline and willpower needed in life. I like how Fast Food is quoted in this article, as it is indeed very relevant as an analogy. Too bad this individual can't take responsibility for his actions. I hope that the judge in this case will see it in a similar light.

"activity's such as getting up"

What? Did he have a monitor hanging over his bed? I fail to see how he's going to blame the game on his not being able to get out from under the sheets.

Haha! Didn't notice that.

Is there an update on this. I'm guessing it won't even reach court. Anything can be addictive. Doesn't mean you sue people linked to it.

Like suing porn because you masterbate too much.

eleven hours a day? ELEVEN HOURS A DAY!?

how did he manage that? I don't mean emotionally or mentally, I mean physically, it seems like he would have lost a finger to carpal tunnel, or his eyes would have stopped working properly, or some shit from doing that for FOUR YEARS!

I wouldn't worry about the lawsuit, there is no fucking way he's going to stop playing long enough to show up in court.

Couldn't he have at least chosen a GOOD game?

1. Ridiculous
2. Fucking weakling

1. Everyone seems to dislike NCSoft

2. I play WoW a much is my terrible addiction worth?

3. Suck it up....its an MMO

It seems like trying to sue the big companies for your own problems is the in thing right now.

That's stupid. I mean the hours spent, not the lawsuit(that's a whole 'nuther can a stupid). From what I've heard, Lineage 2 is shit. Bots basically run everything and personal achievements are based on how much you're willing to spend on illegal gold. Meanwhile, the mods don't care. Plus I've heard it's just another grind quest. And even if what I've heard from the fans is wrong, why would you spend that much time on a single game?

It wasn't shit from the beginning, the bots and farming screwed up everything through chronicle 3 because the mods stopped caring, you could literally tell this from playing the game. Also, you didn't have to grind but it was a challenge finding quests since the NPC's didn't have marks above them.

Sorry, it's just an old favourite of mine.

OT: There was so many warnings in this game that there is no way this tosser is going to win. From the beginning I would get a whisper to take a break every hour and there was some other shit like that as well.

Basically, He is suing the company because HE lacks basic self-control? Can someone explain this to me? Why does this go into court? And why is it that any old jackass can rule a court regardless of logic, understanding, or intelligence?

Idiotic man is an idiot.

It disgusts me that the court even considered this case.

this is just bullshit, i cant imagin how Nc SOFT is feeling atm how fucken dumb

Great more people blaming their patheticness on others and wanting money for it.

Agreed. If he wins, or the case isn't dismissed, then the system has failed for ever, can never be redeemed, and therefore must be purged.

oh c'mon have some self control, and say enough is enough. And get a job.

As a result, the man has become, "unable to function independently in usual daily activities such as getting up, getting dressed, bathing or communicating with family and friends."

So he can't get up/get dressed or talk to people, but he can manage to file a lawsuit against NCsoft.


The stupidity of people, this guy is a dumbass, stop trying to ruin it for everyone else junkie.

What's even dumber is Herp Derp Sterling from Destructoid increased the number to 200,000. I guess he didn't realize that would extend beyond the existence of the fucking game!

This is the most ridiculous thing I've heard all week.

Did you not see that idiot earlier today, saying he was going to sue Bethesda for delaying the release of some Fallout 3 DLC on the PS3? It was hilarious.

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