Exclusive Excerpt from RuneScape: Betrayal At Falador

| 8 Oct 2010 20:49

Itching to read new RuneScape fiction? We've got you covered right here.

imageIf you're one of the millions of people worldwide who plays the popular browser-based MMORPG RuneScape, chances are you are aware that T.S. Church's tie-in novel RuneScape: Betrayal at Falador, a prequel that reveals the back story of the RuneScape world, was released in a limited-run hardback in 2008. If you are among the many who were not lucky enough to get their hands on a copy, you may be excited to know that Titan Books has taken up the torch to bring you the first in a series of RuneScape novels in widespread paperback release, starting this October 12 with RuneScape: Betrayal at Falador, while the second RuneScape novel, Return To Canifis, will be released in February 2011.

Moreover, we here at WarCry are pleased to announce that we have not only a copy of the first chapter ready for download, but we also have an exclusive excerpt from the forthcoming novel to share with you. If you can't wait until the official release date of October 12, hopefully this will get you by until then. Enjoy!

The first chapter can be downloaded here.



A clear dawn painted the white walls of Falador a noble gold, the sunlight from the east warming the stone and making the inhabitants forget about the weeks of gusting winds and damaged homes.

For Sir Amik, the morning brought questions that needed answering. He had been awake since the first rays of light had caressed the highest tower of the castle, hours before any lawful citizens had begun to stir from their beds, going over what little he knew about the mysterious girl. He estimated her age at seventeen, but there was little else he could tell.

Of one thing he was absolutely certain, however-the girl was important. The powerful response to his prayer at her bedside was evidence of that.

"Gods move in mysterious ways," he said to his valet, Bhuler, when the servant entered the room to stir the fire.

"When they choose to move at all, my lord-which is either too rare for some..." Bhuler jabbed at the logs with the poker, "... or too frequently for others."

Sir Amik didn't answer. He knew what Bhuler meant. His valet had himself once been a capable knight, many years before, and still his body was strong, a hangover from the many years of hard training. But Bhuler had been unlucky. During his first year as a knight, a joust between the two men had ended in disaster. Sir Amik had unhorsed him, and a bad landing had resulted in a leg injury that had forced Bhuler to retire from active duty. For although fit and strong, Bhuler had never since been able to run any great distance, and all knights who travelled abroad in the world needed the use of two good legs.

Since then he had spent his years managing the castle and ensuring that the knights had the home they deserved, oft en training with the squires and peons, for he was still a strong and skilled warrior.

On some occasions, Sir Amik secretly wondered if Bhuler harboured any anger against him for rising to the head of their order-a role to which Bhuler himself might once have aspired.

Perhaps, he thought sometimes, our roles could have been reversed. I could have been the servant, and Bhuler the master. More often he was certain that the man didn't blame him for the ruination of his career, for that was not a knight's way. Yet he knew it had caused his valet a crisis of faith.

For how could Saradomin let such a thing happen to a man filled with nothing but faith and love for his god?

"Are these false gods we worship?" Bhuler had once cried in a brief moment of anguish. "Does Saradomin even exist?"

And then a senior knight had stood up, so quickly as to upset his chair. His gaze had locked the distraught valet into a sobbing retreat, and the words he spoke with passion made everything seem so simple and true.

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