Upcoming MMORTS Picaroon Enters Beta

| 18 Oct 2010 21:31

Live out your Waterworld conquest fantasies in a new MMORTS!

imageHaving spent a good chunk of the last decade playing MMORPGs, a big piece of my heart (and mid-twenties) will always belong to the genre. That said, while I love my massive RPGs like none other, I still want to explore what else the "massive" label has to offer, and look forward to seeing what upcoming games have the "MMO" prefix attached. Today affords me (and all of you) the chance to get a look at a new upcoming MMORTS, Picaroon.

Nice Technology has announced that after only a year of development, its upcoming free-to-play MMORTS Picaroon has entered beta and is on-track for a winter 2010 release. This futuristic pirate game pits player-controlled empires against one another in a battle to control what little land remains above the ocean. The game boasts sessions that last weeks to months and can support hundreds of players.

Gameplay involves "special" cards that add extra offensive and defensive powers, which they can use to help turn the tide of battle. Erupting volcanoes, hastened ship construction, and nuclear explosions are just some of the effects possible from specials, which can be purchased in-game using gold raised by taxing settlers.

If you're interested in participating in the beta, you can try to get a key on the Nice Technology blog at www.picaroonthegame.co.uk/blog. If you don't get one there, keep your eyes on WarCry and we'll be doing what we can to get some for you.

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