Atlantica Online Player Awarded Chevy Camaro

| 22 Oct 2010 01:31

Who says you can't get real-life rewards from gaming?

imageAs gamers, we all have a script planned in our heads for the inevitable times when non-gamers will ask us what we get out of gaming, MMO gaming in particular. The standard roll begins: the community we gain from playing and working together with others; the sometimes lifelong friends we can make; the satisfaction of a hard-earned kill; the thrill of a clever gank; the simple fun we get from any kind of game - the the list goes on. Now one gamer can honestly say "a brand new Chevy Camaro".

Ndoors Interactive, makers of Atlantica Online, concluded its "Play, Win, Drive!" summer event by awarding Gina Bui of Memphis, TN with a new 2011 Chevrolet Camaro, the Grand Prize of the Mega Event. Over the summer, other prizes were awarded, ranging from in-game items, Razer keyboard and mouse combos, a Bose speaker system, and an Alienware M15X notebook.

Ndoors flew 19-year-old Bui from TN to to Los Angeles, CA, where she spent the day meeting the developers of Atlantica Online and finally heading to Martin Chevrolet in Torrance, CA, where she and her father were given the keys to her new car.

"It was such a long shot to win the mega event so I was shocked when I found out I was selected," said Gina Bui, winner of the 'Play, Win, Drive!' event. "It is just beginning to feel realistic now that I have the keys in my hand. It's been a great experience - flying out to Los Angeles, meeting the team at Ndoors and receiving the keys to my new Camaro."

Congratulations to Gina Bui on her incredible win!

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