BlizzCon Reveals New Worgen/Cataclysm Login Cinematics

| 25 Oct 2010 22:23

Wondering what new cinematics you missed at BlizzCon? We have them here!

Among the many exciting announcements and unveilings expected at Blizzard's annual BlizzCon event are always Blizzard's famously awesome cinematic events. At the 2010 BlizzCon, two major cinematics were unveiled - the long-awaited Worgen Intro cinematic as well as the Cataclysm splash screen cinematic. Warning: spoilers are ahead - you have been warned.

First up, we have the Worgen transition cinematic. This thing is awesome for immersion, starting off the path of your new Worgen character from beast into the realms of man once again. The fact that the team over at Blizzard continues to manage to make incredibly awesome cinematics from just in-game character models is truly something to applaud - color me impressed, again and again.

Second, we have the new splash/login screen for Cataclysm. Turns out that our hopes and dreams of no longer having a deafening dragon roaring in our ears every time we log in was a little too good to be true, but I will say that at least this scream really sounds terrifying. Truly a menacing roar befitting the twisted Aspect known as "the Destroyer".

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