DCUO Q&A Highlights

| 8 Nov 2010 02:52

We've got questions; they've got answers.

imageLast week I had the opportunity to attend a DC Universe Online Press and Viewing event hosted by Sony Online Entertainment at its Austin, TX studio. Amid the tour, I sat down for a presentation from SOE Creative Director Jens Andersen and Studio Creative Director Chris Cao for a breakdown of the history of the game and the DC Universe, a walkthrough of the character creation process, and a game overview, complete with a Q&A session. Here are some highlights from the Q&A session.

(If you're interested in a more detailed breakdown of the character creation process, see my hands-on here.)

Q: How many zones and environments are planned for launch?
A: A lot. With the moon (really, the moon), Smallville, Shadowlands, Area 51, the Australian Outback, Ace Chemical Processing Plant, Stryker's Island, and many more, there will be a lot in launch and more on the way.

Q: What about Amazonia?
A: Later, but yeah. Most people don't know a lot of the characters of the DC Franchise; this will give you the intro to the popular characters, and then we can start introducing the more obscure people and places over time to get you all caught up on the DC World.

Q: Will there be some form of raid/alert lockout system in place to prevent the easier farming of loot?
A: There won't be a lockout, but instead there will be a daily system in place that gives an extra for completion. In addition, there will be a victory flag system that prevents a given player from receieving loot too often, but does not prohibit them from running the same alert again to play with and help their friends.

Q: The physical ojects in the game that are movable by players; are they perpetual?
A: No; physical objects will vanish after a short time. We thought about it a lot, and decided that it would be best to make them vanish after a little bit to prevent players from being too... "inventive" with them, like stacking hundreds of buses on top of each other (which we'd all do).

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