DCUO Q&A Highlights

| 8 Nov 2010 02:52

imageQ: Will there be an achievement/trophy system in place?
A: With the PS3 version, the trophy system will be in place, as well as the in-game Feats system which will function in a similar manner.

Q: Is 30 still the level cap?
A: Yes, 30 is still the cap at launch, due to the pace of the game. You can expect to get one level per episode, on average. We recognize that MMOs live and die by their endgame, so we're focusing a lot on that and making sure that it's not only easy to get there, but compelling enough to stay there.

Q: About how long will it take to reach level cap?
A: We're still tuning the xp as to how quickly you get there, but as it stands right now it's taking roughly about 40 hours of solo play to get to level 30. It's worth nothing that you'll level much faster in a group.

Q: Will there be some form of "rested xp" for logging out?
A: No. With 40 hours currently to max level, we pulled out most of the "go back to the quest giver" artificial inflation. Instead we give you more content so that you're not spending far too much time in transit. We aren't going to keep your subscription by making you level. It's designed as a frequency play game; you should be able to play a few hours here and there and still get some of all there is out of the game, though hardcore players should still have content for them.

Q: Will there be cross-platform (PC & PS3) viability?
A: We have it split right now. We felt that simply given the sheer number of superior peripherals available to a PC-user, especially in such an action-based game, we wanted to even the playing field so that no one has too much of an unfair advantage. If we can find a way to change that in the future, we'll look into it.

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