Phase 2 of Elemental Invasion Begins

| 8 Nov 2010 19:43

The elements are getting a little more restless!

imageIt appears that all those elemental invasions popping up all over Azeroth have forced the hand of the Earthen Ring, and they are calling upon your aid to assist them in stemming the tide of the invasions!

As of today, new quests are available from the local leaders of the Earthen Ring (Gavan Grayfeather for the Alliance and Earthmender Norsala for the Horde) in Ironforge and Orgrimmar to help subdue the tide of the elements.

Alliance-side, you'll be assisting in the location of a lost courier and recovering powerful Tablets of the Earth, using the imbued powers of the elements to stave off elemental attacks. For the Horde, meanwhile, you'll be performing a similar task with Tablets of Fire. In addition, you'll be using Elemental Saptas and Cleansing Totems to see the elemental spirits and subdue them within the capital cities themselves.

While these don't appear to be huge additions, it is definitely bringing the battle a bit closer to home than it has been, and with the increased frequency of the earthquakes plaguing Azeroth, there's no question that the end of times draws near.

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