Skyrim Mod Swaps Alduin for Something More Macho

| 7 Jan 2012 20:23

Resurrecting dragons is passé. Resurrecting pro-wrestlers is where it's at.

Alduin? Pah! That puny weakling couldn't destroy a village, let alone the whole of Skyrim. If you really want something destroyed, you turn to someone more powerful, someone like the late great "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

The mod replaces Alduin with a warped, dragon-shaped version of the Macho Man, and the work of Skyrim modder "FancyPantz." As you can no doubt hear, Alduin's dragon speech has also been replaced with something more in keeping with Mr. Savage, namely, his trademark shout of "OOOH YEAH!"

If you were going to replace Aludin with anyone, the flamboyant Savage isn't a bad choice. Savage, who died in May of 2011, spent nearly 30 years in the ring, wrestling for the WWF - now the WWE - WCW, and briefly with TNA. He was the WWF and WCW heavyweight champion six times over the course of his career, as well as four times with other, smaller promotions.

You can grab the mod for yourself here, here, or here. I wonder how long it will be before the ol' "FUS RO DAH" gets the Macho Man treatment as well?

Source: Joystiq

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I think just the sounds, with skinning Al to have the hat and shades would be more effective.

and yet another video i can't watch due to country restrictions....

for all who cant watch. try this one:

edit: changed video because of herp derp pc owns everything commentary of the uploader.(i'm a pc gamer myself and don't want a flamewar here)
and it has ligghtsabers.

I only have one thing to say about this, "OHHHH YEEEEAAAAHH!!!!"


Look at me! I'm Dr. Zoidburg!

This brought me to tears, that is beyond funny. I think after my first playthrough I should do a second with all the funny stuff like the macho man mod and this mod, never a dull moment.

I have to stop watching these things whilst I'm eating.

I'm going to choke to death one of these days.

Can't stop goin' "Ohhhhh yyyyeeehhhhhhh". *Smashes a chair over some guys back*.

All i have to say is.... BONESAW IS REA~DY! YEAH!! OHHHH YEAH!! MADNESS YEAH!!

I wont lie, the only mod better then this was the L4D sound replacer. Having hundreds of Macho Men running around screaming at you was just to much fun. ITS MINDBOGGLIN!

Look at me! I'm Dr. Zoidburg!

This is fucking awesome.

This is great and all but... if they're going to play a disco song why not I dunno "Macho Man?"

hmmm maybe the music video explains it.

Macho Man, Raaaaandy Savage (ooooooh yeah). The Macho Madness only comes out to Pomp and Circumstance, not disco. Snap into a Slim Jim.

"You should have acted, They're already here! The Tv Guide Fortold Their return, the defeat was merely delay. From the Time after WWF was changed, that the Lords of Television would spill their own blood. But No-one wanted to believe, believe they could exist. And when the truth dawned, it dawns in the midst of "Oh Yeah's!". But...There is one they fear, in their tongue he is MachoKin....MACHO-BORN!"

I am so sorry, but i couldn't resist that.

*to the Skyrim theme* Macho-kin! Macho-kin! Macho-kin kicks your balls! If the ref - didn't see it - then it neh-ver happened!

Awesome idea, good execution.

When the Creation Kit comes around, someone ought to go a step further by replacing the nightmare-fueling dragon-shaped Savage with a giant man-shaped Savage. And give him tassels. And make his shouts "OOOOH YEEEEEAAH!" instead of "YEAH!" Not only would it be funnier, but then the shout's effect would kick in as he says "YEEEEEAAH!" as opposed to being delayed until afterwards. Then this would be among the greatest things produced by mankind.

This made my day. That's the most amazing thing I've ever seen. :D

I saw this comment on youtube, but I thought id share.

'Pause at 1:28'

Im not kidding you will have nightmares forever.

Oh my... Oh God... I can't... I can't UNSEE it now o.O

This means that Alduin is no longer powered by feasting on the lost souls of fallen warriors...but instead he prefers to SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM!!!!!

Now all we need is to replace the Dovakin's shouts with Hulk Hogan's catch phrases. It's the only way to stand a chance against Macho Lizard Randy Savage.

W-...what did I just watch... O.o

So here I was. Minding my own business doing my thing. All of a sudden while exploring the mountain ranges I hear: "I've been to the top of the mountain!"

Next thing I know, Macho Man attacks me! I just jumped off the cliff.

True story in Game.

I love this mod.

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