Mass Effect 3 Gives Steam a Miss at Launch

| 14 Jan 2012 23:22

EA blames Valve for Mass Effect 3 not appearing on Steam.

It seems that the spat between EA and Valve over Steam is still going strong, as Mass Effect 3 will not appear on the service when the game launches on March 6th. Writing on the BioWare forums, community co-ordinator Chris Priestly said that while ME3 would be available on certain third party download platforms, Steam would not be one of them.

The blame is once again being laid at Valve's door, with Priestly saying that Steam's restrictive policies regarding downloadable content and interaction with customers. He didn't say that the game would never be available on Steam, but implied that Valve would have to change its policy before that could happen.

"During initial release Mass Effect 3 will be available on Origin and a number of other 3rd party digital retailers, but not on Steam at this time," he wrote. "Steam has adopted a set of restrictive terms of service which limit how developers interact with customers to deliver patches and other downloadable content. We are intent on providing Mass Effect to players with the best possible experience no matter where they purchase or play their game, and are happy to partner with any download service that does not restrict our ability to connect directly with our consumers."

Priestly also made it clear that Origin would be necessary to play the game on the PC, regardless of where the copy of the game had been bought. "Mass Effect 3 will require a one time, single authorization for the single player game. There is no limit to the number of installs. Playing Mass Effect 3 multiplayer will require a constant connection ... Origin is required for the PC versions of Mass Effect 3, both physical and digital."

Mass Effect 3 comes out for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on March 6th.

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I'd like EA/BioWare to specify which policies are problematic exactly, and why. And I wish The Escapist would ask them instead of simply reporting a forum post. My suspicion is that Valve is asking for too much money for EA's tastes (I believe there's a flat price).

My Dragon Age: Origins, ME1 and ME2 DLCs work just fine in Steam, and I bought them straight from BioWare - not through Steam. I just don't see the problem. If they simply want to blacklist a major competitor, that is fine (if not too moral), but they should just say so.

I would also like to know why Origin is mandatory, even in alternate digital forms. Do they not trust the DRMs of these platforms? Is it easier for them to handle something? Technical details please. Being vague doesn't help credibility.

Even if I'm all pro steam, for ME3, I'd give Origin a try.

It also helps that I've already tested Origin with a discounted DAO...


I'm sorry but I'd rather save up for a 360 and buy ME1 2 and 3 then be forced to use Origin. I love BioWare but hate EA so I'm sorry but I'm not buying ME3. I don't like Origin.

wow this is retarded... how is it harder to give patches when steam applies them directly as soon as they are out? It's also stupid to have an active internet connection at all times. I have wireless on my desktop and my provider/location does not give a good connection. It breaks off from time to time and its pretty infuriating at times. Now imagine me playing that game under those circumstances. Not cool brah, not cool.
And the DLC ... my guess that it is the main reason. Steam probably charges a small fee to put up DLC pages and gets a small margin of profit off the sales. EA probably want to cut that crap and get all the money for themselves... greedy mofos. Nowadays DLC dont make sense. not all of it but some are extremely expensive. 20$ for 3 mission in saints row 3?? I find it ridiculous. some might not. I do. 15$ for Deus Ex: HR? I bought it. Don't regret it. However I bought it for 7.99 on special because 15$ is crazy. So is 7.99$ but I really loved the game.

At least I don't have to sign up for origin, can get it off gamersgate which I have no problem with.

Still need origin. It's required DRM no matter where you buy ME3.

Hopefully EA doesn't pull some other dick move and make it impossible to play used copies of ME3 on the 360. I was just going to wait and get it used so I can still play it without having to give EA any money.

At least I don't have to sign up for origin, can get it off gamersgate which I have no problem with.

I'm just going to wait until they realise what fools they've been and start selling it on Steam anyway. It may take a few years, but it'll probably happen.

but this was THE reason I got a gaming PC!, I wanted to pick up the three of them off steam and....Oh never mind >.>

Guess ill just have do steal the Xbox again....stupid brother... Stupid Steam/EA spat...

And just like that, I guess I'm not finishing the Mass Effect saga, which is a crying shame, because I love the first two games.
I'm sorry, but after Origin lost my password, then emailed the replacement that never arrived, then told me that I couldn't make a new account because I already had one (which I couldn't access), I gave up. I'm not going to get Origin, nor am I going to waste my time trying to purchase a game that EA holds hostage for consumer interest.
To be honest, I got worried about ME3 anyhoo, the multiplayer, the on rails shooter segments really made it look like it was shifting away from a lot of what made it great. Still, I was really looking forward to this one, and I'd love to hear what EA actually means by "restrictive terms of service", is that, "your service means people don't get Origin"? Because frankly that's what it sounds like.

I confess to having weakened and installed Origin for BF3. BF3 is the singularly best FPS I can remember playing. Origin is the singularly worst piece of software I've ever had the misfortune of using. Trying to recommend BF3 to people with that ball and chain tagging along is impossible and drives me nuts. Goddamn you, EA :(

yeah, I had to do that when pre-ordering SWTOR, but uninstalled it immediately afterward

I confess to having weakened and installed Origin for BF3. BF3 is the singularly best FPS I can remember playing. Origin is the singularly worst piece of software I've ever had the misfortune of using. Trying to recommend BF3 to people with that ball and chain tagging along is impossible and drives me nuts. Goddamn you, EA :(

The amount of maturity and tin foil hat conspiracy theories in this thread are rather amusing.

OT: I can partially see where EA is coming from. Steam is kind of a pain in the ass most of the time.

I'll have to purchase on 360 (despite my love for PC). I'm not letting Origin anywhere near my PC.

I was planning to get mass effect 3 but if even boxed pc version required origin running to be playable I don't know. Maybe get it wait to see if someone makes a mod to work even without origin running then play it. Unless it's something mild like just needs quick one time activation each play session.




You're not catching everyone's major complaints, one of them being you're required to have a constant connection to the Origin service even when you're playing single player. Apparently EA didn't learn from when Ubisoft tried this.
What happens if on launch day, or any other day and the authentication servers go down? This will.

Also there's the issue that Origin spies on you at all times, and while you may argue that Seam does that too, they at least ask you if you want to give up info, and if you don't they won't take it.

Origin also has that nasty business where if you're banned on EA fourms you can't play your games.

Seriously dude, you need to realize that EA's Origin service really, really sucks.
Sure Steam isn't perfect, but I'd rather take a sucker punch to the gut than a kick to my balls any day.

since we use it for tv its always online so that no big deal. the spying doesn't really seem like its harming anything since i haven't gotten any odd phone calls or weird withdrawals from my bank account so at this point its nothing more then baseless paranoia or i hate this just because i want to be like all the other sheep. unless the other tings happened more often doesn't seem like its a big deal either.

If there were a strange guy that came into your house and looked around at random intervals but didn't steal anything, would you object to that or would that be "baseless paranoia"?

its no worse then any other program as far as i can tell it hasn't done much of anything other then complain when my wireless doesn't start before it does

Michael Zipp:
They do realize they will probably lose sales to this right? I'm sick of companies like EA. Valve and Steam work wonderfully, why go away from that? I'm more likely to pirate the game and find a way to send money straight to Bioware now. Even if it's a damn check in the mail.

I also give it 2-3 days tops before the internet finds a way to crack ME3 to run without Origin.

I doubt that it will take that long


"Playing Mass Effect 3 multiplayer will require a constant connection."

Well there's plenty of other games to play anyway, looks like ME3 can wait.

So playing a game online will require a constant connection and you are whining about it?

EVERY game that does mutli-player online requires a constant connection.

Sorry for being nitpicky but Frozen Synapse and the Civilization series don't require a constant connection to the internet.

So many steam fanboys, it's sickening. Just because it won't be on Steam doesn't mean that you shouldn't buy it...

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