Overseas Players No Longer Welcome in Phantasy Star Online 2

| 8 Aug 2012 09:05

Phantasy Star Online 2 is a local game for local people.

Today, Sega announced it has updated the terms of use for Phantasy Star Online 2. Access to the game is now restricted to players who reside in Japan; connecting to the servers from overseas, or routing a foreign connection through a Japanese terminal, is liable to make Sega grumpy. Currently, this is merely an update to the legal jargon you have to click through before installing the game, no IP bans or blocks have been issued. It's unclear if Sega intends to enforce the new terms of use rules.

The PC version of PSo2 launched in Japan on July 4th, with a smartphone version to follow this winter. The western release isn't due until next year, but players have been importing the game and logging in from all over the world regardless.

Sega hasn't given its reasons for closing the game's virtual borders. Some suggest it might be a token response to the allegations that foreign hackers were responsible for a series of pranks in which important NPC characters were placed out of reach or behind glass.

The Japanese version of Phantasy Star Universe had a similar section in its terms of service, but no IP bans were ever issued. Even if Sega were to do so this time around, getting around a regional IP ban is trivially easy for anyone with the time and inclination to do so.

Source: My Game News Flash via ANN

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Yeah so it's 2014 now... Still waiting for that localization... Spoiler Alert: It ain't coming.

Its natural for japan to lock foreign players out. Cos free2play games are brilliant targets for hacking and majority of hackers are usually either mid-eastern or in europe. Even they update xtrap or some anti hack sofeware, hackers will always get round it. You think japan blocking software are crap? Well I never heard of a western game that say they NEVER have been hacked so they're no better.
Besides, Western community when it comes to mmo games are a bunch of pricks to begin with and ruining the game is always fun to them. Not saying it ONLY happens in the west but they are alot worse.

Brilliant solutions from Sega as always, people desperately want to play your game and as a result you lock it down to one single solitary country...

As for the "foreigners ruined it all", xenophobia much?
This is why you moderate your bloody games, how did you possibly believe letting thousands of people run amok in your games will go without hiccups.
Seriously Sega your stupidity department needs some layoffs because they just do to good of a job.

wow what a bunch of entitled little bitches. the game will be released in english and not even in valve time. and this is a reaction to the fact that the game is full of people speaking english who ruin the experience for everyone. and they are not even content with the fact that sega let them do this, they had to keep bitching about it.
this is not the reaction to people playing outside their locale this the reaction to dipshits ruining other peoples fun because they wouldn't know patience if you drowned them in it.

So is this like how some businesses in Japan ban all races but Japanese from entering because they got frustrated with a few "gaijin"?

Because it seems a lot like that here...

At least it will be localized

I like how pretty much any story about a policy decision made somewhere in Japan is immediately filled with "all Japanese are racist" posts.

I'm not surprised. Been playing that game, and it was FULL of English speakers that kept spamming the local chat (japanese people hardly write in public chat at all so it was rude), and who didn't even know how to play the game.

Me? I speak Japanese so I was just there minding my own business and blending in with the Japanese. I can accept people who don't speak the language but want to enjoy a good free game, but I do NOT accept people who do so by disturbing those who are the actual client base of the game.

Now those asshats ruined the game for the good people. I also made some acquaitenances there; won't see'em again. :/

Sega, at LEAST localize the game first before blocking people off.

It's been announced to NA and Europe for 2013.

Why do Sega continuously keep showing off their Xenophobia phallus every 10 years to remind us all that deep down they just hate us but want our money nonetheless.

Just when I think they've put the juvenile behavior behind them, BAM out comes the crotchety old man again(figuratively speaking).

Oh well, I don't really care about this game. And now I care even less.

Just feel bad for the people who invested time in it I guess. Even with *cough* means to regain access, I'd still feel too betrayed to continue playing.

Even WoW doesn't go 'well fuck you, you moved countries? Nope, buy our game again to continue', as long as I have my authenticator handy, I can access the EU realms from where-ever I damn well please. Seems like a frivolous expense for some, it's invaluable to someone who travels as much as I do.

Some suggest it might be a token response to the allegations that foreign hackers were responsible for a series of pranks in which important NPC characters were placed out of reach or behind glass.

Japanese- blaming foreigners for every problem since 1868

Isolationism suits Japan pretty well, I guess. Maybe we should get Matthew Perry's descendant to open this game up again.

But seriously, wasn't this game supposed to be coming to North America? Was the website I saw a lie? Or is this region lock just on the Japanese version of the game?

Sega, at LEAST localize the game first before blocking people off.

Glad to see Xenophobia is alive and well in Japanaland.

Grey Carter:

Phantasy Star Online 2 is a local game for local people.

No one else get that one? No one?


League of Gentlemen. Like Little Britain. But not shit. Incidentally Little Britain ripped off about 80% of their material from this show.

I see no reason to get bent out of shape about this, I couldn't read a goddamn thing in the game. I've conceded to waiting for the Western Release of the game. I was in the Japanese Closed and Open Betas and, really, even with a modest fan-made English patch to navigate menus better, there was no point to playing it continually without being able to understand any of the dialog or narrative.

The only disappointment in the Phantasy Star franchise for me was PSU. Other than that, I've been a stalwart fan since the original 8-bit Master System game. I hold it in higher regards than any other RPG franchise. PSO was different but still endearing so I'm excited to see how this one pans out.

Well that sucks...for people who play that game. I hate region locks personally and it seems like Sega is just shooting themselves in the...uh...big toe maybe by not allowing foreign gamers to import a copy. Do they even know its a foreign prankster who messed with those NPCs? Why aren't they able to just ban THOSE assholes and let everyone else continue on? Anyway, I'm going to get back to JUMP Ultimate Stars...(look it up and weep anime fans)

Fucking love JUS.

OT: Seems Segas def gone the way of Capcom now.

and ... still don't care its not out, outside of where ever the hell it is. in fact, if it never came up again I'd forget about it in less then a week

Oh you upset about a few pranks Sega? Well that's what you get for treating the entire Western World like Australia.

Aye, I'm still waiting on several "true" sequels to some of their games. Where's Valk 3?! Why is it you have done nothing but weak sonic spinoffs ever since you released Sonic Adventure 2?! Sega! WHERE THE HELL IS SKIES OF ARCADIA 2?!


Seriously though, this isn't going to do anything to deter western players. Heck, it might just motivate them to draft up a private and translated server for the Western side of the world well before Sega gets off its arse and makes the game available here.

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