Introducing Nightmare Batman and Wonder Woman in the DC MOBA Infinite Crisis

| 5 Apr 2013 19:58

Find out just how nasty these MOBA combatants can be in the upcoming Infinite Crisis.

The heroes and villains of the DC Universe are perfectly suited to the multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA genre. The idiosyncrasies of characters like Batman and Superman and the Joker serve as the backdrop for the abilities of teams of combatants as they duke it out. We've been getting tidbits of what strategies you'll have to employ to be successful in Infinite Crisis, but the developers at Warner Bros. have unleashed two super informative videos on two characters - Wonder Woman and Nightmare Batman.

Fallen due to his contact with Dracula in the Nightmare shard of Earth from the Infinite Crisis storyline, Nightmare Batman appears as a perverted version of the antihero of Gotham City. Nightmare is a melee character, with stealth and pursuit abilities that let him take on individual characters or run away when a group targets him. Plus, he's got a nasty visage.

Wonder Woman, on the other hand, is quite attractive in her newly redesigned costume. She serves as more of a tank and support character in Infinite Crisis, with several abilities that let her absorb damage and help out her teammates. The lasso ability doesn't involve squeaking out truth from her opponents, but it does let Wonder Woman get closer to enemies and stun them for a few seconds.

Both videos give tons of tips and tricks on how to use each character effectively and show off oodles of in-game battle footage. Inifinite Crisis is still in alpha, having just been announced at PAX East, but you can sign up for the beta test here at the official site.

Source: WB Games press release

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Mans, that looks like a good game! Wonder Woman can kick ass!

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