Rumor: Next-Gen Xbox Will Cost $300-$500, Be Always-Online

| 8 Apr 2013 10:47

Noted Windows blogger Paul Thurrott claims that a "subscription based" next-gen Xbox will cost $300, and the standard model will be $500.

The Xbox 720/Durango/Next-Gen Xbox will launch in November of this year, and set you back $500 for the standard edition, or $300 for a "subscription based" model, claims noted Microsoft insider Paul Thurrott on the latest episode of What The Tech. He described the platform overall as "expensive."

Thurott also confirmed rumors of the next Xbox's always-online requirement, which was strongly hinted at earlier this month by comments on Microsoft executive Adam Orth's Twitter. Thurott claims the system's notes specifically state that the new console "must be Internet-connected to use." The console reportedly stops functioning if its internet connection is dropped for more than three minutes.

"But is that a bad thing?" What The Tech host Andrew Zarian asks Thurrott regarding the always-online requirement. "I don't know," he replies, "because I don't know what it means." Thurrott claims that the wording of the system notes could be interpreted in any number of ways. He warns us to not be quick to jump to conclusions. He does state that his current Xbox 360 experience is almost entirely online, mostly playing online games or using it as a media center connected to an online service.

Most surprisingly though is the revelation that a new Xbox 360 console will be released alongside the next-gen Xbox. Microsoft is planning a $99 "Stingray" Xbox 360, which Thurrott claims is because the next-gen Xbox will not be backwards compatible with Xbox 360 games. A media center-only Xbox codenamed "Yumo," which could not play games at all, was reportedly in development but eventually scrapped.

We will have to wait until May 21 to have these rumors confirmed, which is the date Thurrott says Microsoft will reveal more information about its upcoming console.

Source: Gamespot

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Rumours are rumours, but at the moment saying it might use babies as power is pretty much the way for it to sound more like a step in the wrong direction...

...I mean, why have nearly all the recent consoles failed to be backwards compatible? Is it on purpose?

BC has mainly been an issue because the console is more advanced and the tech put in place for BC to work glitches out a lot. That's why the PS3 took out the PS2 BC, it didn't work well and had terrible frame rate. The PS4 won't have it because they are using an entirely different system for the games that hasn't been used before. Sucks, but at least the Wii U has BC for Wii games.

OT: These rumors are disheartening to be sure, but I doubt most of them are true. Mainly because I don't think Microsoft wants to tank Neo Geo style. If these are true then Microsoft will be out of the console race for sure as the recovery for this would cost too much.

You know.. being forced to have a kinect with every new xbox... this sounds like some awfull batman villain plot to somehow take control over the world utilizing some secret device build into the kinect XD

Still wondering if the Riddler or the Joker would come up with that first...

This sounds more like Joker insanity. If it were the Riddler then he'd make all the achievements question mark trophies and force you to answer riddles in order to play your games.

Expensive and restrictive. Thanks Microsoft for making the choice easy for me which console i should buy next generation. ^-^

I start to think this console might actually tank. Like, tank spectacularly. We all know that whatever Sony cooks up will at least sell decently in the Japan if nothing else, but this thing? How many groups of people can you possibly antagonize at once? xD

I hope people will vote with their wallet. I'm already kinda done with dedicated videogame consoles as is, and this only makes it more clear to me that it's the right decision.

If Microsoft doesn't release the facts about their next console soon, they'll already have lost next gen before it has even started. They really need to do away with those rumors.

However, if their next console really contains BS like always online, ads and a 24/7 spycam in your living room, it doesn't make a difference anyways.

You'd think Microsoft would be quick to dismiss these claims considering the bad press it's garnering... you know, unless they turn out to be true.

If that's the case then Microsoft might as well preemptively cut their Xbox division and save the lost capital, because their fucked this gen.

You know, I wonder how Microsoft will respond if this 'Stingray' X360 outsells the X720...

In any case - yeah. If they go down this road, I'm not following. Which is fine, since I was planning to go PC sooner or later anyway.

When will producers realise that they need to give their consumers options, not take those options away?

You know.. being forced to have a kinect with every new xbox... this sounds like some awfull batman villain plot to somehow take control over the world utilizing some secret device build into the kinect XD

Still wondering if the Riddler or the Joker would come up with that first...

Between Sony's DRM, Microsoft's always online, and the Wii U's useless and obnoxious controller, I guess I just won't be buying any next-gen consoles.

Edit: Also, as a broke college student who can barely afford used games for the consoles I already own, forcing me to shell out that kind of money is a no deal. Also, my dorm room isn't big enough for a kinect, I would never be able to use it, so I shouldn't have to pay for it.

You know, all the rumors are starting to get tiring. This is, what, the third? Fourth?

At this point I just want to know if it's true or not, so I can save my money if it is indeed true. And it bothers me that Microsoft hasn't come out yet and denied any of these rumors, because that only lends more credibility to them.

Microsoft is likely the one putting out the rumors. They want you to get used to the idea of Always Online before they officially announce it.

Like it or hate it, it looks like always online is here to stay. The fiasco surrounding D3 wasn't enough to stop people doing the exact same thing with SimCity, and i'm sure SimCity will be long forgotten by the time this console comes out. It will still sell a million billion units. The Xbox 360 has been the top selling console in NA for like two straight years. They would not be doing this if they didn't think it would turn a profit, and the fact is that they do. Some people have mentioned steam - yes, steam does have an offline mode, but it is woefully inadequate. I was without internet for several weeks when I was moving house, and I was simply shocked at the amount of games I couldn't play. A retail copy of Bioshock: Infinite would not even install on my PC without an internet connection.

Basically, PC gamers have essentially had 'always-online' machines for years now. All of you saying 'whelp, time to go build a PC' in the hopes of avoiding 'always-online' are kidding yourselves. I won't be surprised if all PC games require an internet connection in the near future.

TL;DR - Microsoft is the future, it just may have arrived a little early. Five years from now, 'always-online' will be like 'digital downloads' - something we never expected to take off but given the advances of internet technology and availability have become the norm.

Odds of me buying ANY console is less than 10%.

If that 10 percent happened, PS4 always had an advantage in my mind. Maybe 51 vs 49. But now... If those rumors are true, odds of buying a next gen Xbox is about 1.0E-564864413544684684564564. Not gonna happen.

I might actually buy a PS4 just to inflate Sony's sale to stick it to MS.

And on the day of the release... Microsoft stocks plummeted in reason of angry customers.

Oh god. I think we can reasonably assume that a console that does this will bomb. But will it bomb quickly enough to prevent the cancerous disease of always-online ruining games on other systems? I certainly hope so :/

Don't know. I thought a console with an online fee and a 50% chance of melting to your shelf would bomb but it seemed to do okay.
With this one it could be like getting the RROD every time your modem needs to be restarted.
As thing goes along further and no word comes from MS, I'm starting to think some of the rumors might be true. Considering how much they got away with this gen, who knows what they're going to try and pull.

Will stop functioning? wait,. what does that even mean? Is the console gonna self destruct if I have a power outage that lasts more than 3 minutes?

Also seriously, why does a console need a bloody always on? we have to buy the bloody frickin game CD's and play them in your machine. If we can make copies good enough to fool your box's detection protocols chances are the always on won't help. Is always on the new, buzz word in the meeting room these days?, that feature that managers believe must be in everything? The Ouya is starting to look real good right now.

Even if people have a "stable internet connection", I'm willing to bet that it goes out once or twice a year. Even in tons of first world countries, the internet is not as stable as you think due to: A. A crumbling infrastructure and B. Uncontrollable weather patterns.

The outrage with "Always On" is it inconveniences the end user for the sake of the company. YOU do not receive a benefit for always being online - you get punished if you don't have a stable internet connection (meaning if you find the snow or a Tornado has torn down your internet line, you don't get to enjoy your $300 magical smiles box). You ultimately get inconvenienced when their servers crash (they will), and may suffer lag issues from the game always requiring a check in to the servers - even if its not a multiplayer game. You also get to foot a higher electric bill - which is something some people do think about.

And for what? No backwards compatibility. No offline support if and when you or they suffer an issue. You are being asked to take a huge hit for the sake of the company.

News flash - Piracy is not our problem as the consumers. Its your problem as the industry. You have to find a way to make purchasing games an equal or better experience than just torrenting them. And slapping arbitrary "you MUST be online" BS onto it isn't that appealing.

Especially when the PS4 doesn't require you to always be online. Nor does the WiiU. Nor does Steam. Its cocky to think your consumer base will just sit down and take it

Oh god. I think we can reasonably assume that a console that does this will bomb. But will it bomb quickly enough to prevent the cancerous disease of always-online ruining games on other systems? I certainly hope so :/


Lots of angry people here in response to my post! Was merely highlighting that I'm not one of those who have taken to excessively moaning about this feature without even knowing the full details. Apologies of course as I can see how many will have misunderstood my point as I didn't expand it.

While you're at it, would you care to apologise for inferring that those who lacked the foresight to be born in first-world countries and be able to afford a stable internet connection are: "prone to acting like a whiney bitch"? Ta very much.

Hey look, it's the Titanic 360

That's unfair. The Titanic actually had to hit somethign to sink.


Hey look, it's the Titanic 360

You know, all the rumors are starting to get tiring. This is, what, the third? Fourth?

This week, maybe. There's been like two a week since last Holiday season. And it's ramping up.

Not to mention, people have taken it as fact because reasons, and are going to a system that two months ago they thought had always online, too. Makes perfect sense.

And for the record, IF true, I definitely won't buy a next gen XBox. But yeah, the jumping to conclusions thing...And the rumours thing....

Meanwhile at Sony


While I reserve judgement until an official press release, this seems such a stupid move. I can take the price, but always online AND have that useless gimmick (read Kinect) staring at me while I relax? I already feel slightly unclean when I power up my 360 for the one title I still have any desire to finish.

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