Find Out How to Make Sci-Fi Reality at EVE Fanfest

| 10 Apr 2013 19:00

For decades, nerds, geeks, and dreamers alike have fantasized about colonizing space, scouting other planets, and exploring the stars. In 2013, we are feeling closer to the future than ever before, with tablets and self-driving cars making headlines. CCP Games, the creator of EVE Online, is among those most excited to see what lies in store. For the EVE Fanfest happening April 25-27th, they have chosen to bring three speakers who will discuss how EVE's science fiction universe may not be so far off from the not too distant future.

The sessions for this year's Fanfest will include Michael Laine, the President of Liftport Group, which is working on developing a space elevator. Laine's talk is titled "Space Elevators - Past, Present, and Future", and he will be discussing our progress towards creating a space elevator, as well as the implications of what creating it could do. Although the mental image of a gigantic elevator jutting out of the planet seems a little bit silly to me, easy access to space is a powerful resource, and Laine will shed compelling light on the the value and future of that resource.

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In EVE, a universe of unbounded opportunity awaits new capsuleers, whether they lust after wealth, crave the fight or simply yearn for adventure among the stars. The venerable and ever-updated science-fiction MMO lets you create a spaceship pilot, mine the stars, engage in corporate warfare, and live in one of the deepest MMO communities available.

CCP will also be bringing in Dr. Richard Obousy, the president and Co-Founder of Icarus Interstellar. In his talk, "Bringing FTL to IRL - The Quest for Warp Speed", Dr. Obousy will be discussing the possibility of FTL, or Faster-Than-Light travel, and will delve into the challenges and possibilities raised by the latest research in theoretical physics. Dr. Obousy is sure to have the full attention of every wide-eyed kid who has ever watched an episode of Star Trek, and at a place like the EVE Fanfest, he is sure to have a captive audience.

The final member of the futurism panel is Chris Lewicki, the President of Planetary Resources. As his company's name suggests, Lewicki will be discussing how space exploration will lead us to seek out new resources, as well as the near-future of asteroid prospecting. For those of you who have fond memories of Mass Effect 2's resource scouting system, this one's for you.

For those who won't be able to make it to live, CCP will be having live streams of the EVE Fanfest and all of the "Make EVE Real" talks on their Twitch.TV channel. They will also have an HD stream available for $20, or one PLEX, the in-game currency for account time. More information about purchasing can be found here.

This EVE Fanfest promises to be a great time for those in attendance, and you can be sure that CCP will be unveiling some cool new information about EVE and their other projects. The "Make EVE Real" is sure to be a great hit, adding some TED-style flavor to the tricked-out sci-fi festival CCP is sure to have in store.

The Escapist's Justin Clouse will be attending Fanfest again this year so he'll be reporting back on all these fantastic panels upon his return. Or I'll throw him out the nearest airlock.

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