Riot Restructures League of Legends Store to Reflect Skin Production Quality

| 15 Apr 2013 20:50

The League of Legends skin store gets a rework, with skins being priced according to the amount of features included.

It's a common joke among League of Legends players that although the game is free, the character skins will have you spending more money than you had ever thought possible. Until now, Riot has offered nearly every character skin for either 520RP or 975RP each, with little distinction for quality in pricing. As of April 25th, though, Riot will be reorganizing their skins into 6 tiers, organized by quality of the skin.

Riot Points is the currency for Riot's in-game microtransaction store. Riot Points translate into dollars at approximately a $1=10RP ratio, though purchasing more RP at a time will give increasingly favorable discounts.

Riot representative Hippalus wrote to the League of Legends community this past week explaining the changes, citing an upward trend in quality as a reason to have more nuanced pricing.

Hippalus goes further, saying, "975 RP has become an extremely broad tier, encompassing skins of wildly differing production quality. We wanted to better define the value of your purchase, and will soon implement a couple of big pricing changes as we move skins into more clearly defined RP tiers and establish two new tiers at 750 and 1350 RP. By positioning skins into tiers based on their features, you'll have a better idea of what you're getting for your RP and be able to make more informed purchase decisions."

A quick summary of the new skin tiers is:

520RP- Used for skins with only minor model or splash art changes, reskins (same outfit in a different color), and older skins. No new skins will be added to this tier, only skins currently in the store will be reduced to this price.

750RP- Skins in this tier will feature a new model and splash art, and some new animations as needed. Some currently existing skins will have their price lowered to the 750RP tier, but a few of their newly released skins will launch at 750RP.

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975RP- This will be the tier than most new skins launch in, featuring a new model, textures, and splash art changes, as well as new effects, animations, or voice effects as needed to fit the theme of the skin.

1350RP- The 1350RP tier is for skins that are particularly awesome, going beyond what a normal skin offers, without having enough to qualify as a legendary skin. 1350RP skins will feature everything in a 975RP skin, but will feature all new animations, visual effects, and sounds. Some of these skins will also feature custom voice-overs. Only a handful of skins are planned for release into the 1350RP tier, and several of the more impressive 975RP skins are being bumped up in pricing.

1820RP- Skins that wear the 1820RP price tag are by definition Legendary Skins. These skins artistically recreate the champion, featuring a completely new model, sounds, and effects, as well as everything featured in the lower tiers, such as a matching splash art. Riot is only planning to release a small handful of new Legendary Skins, and it's worth noting that these skins cannot go on sale.

3250RP- Titled "Ultimate Skins", Riot promises a new tier of skins that will feature everything in a Legendary Skin, and will also come with additional features and bonuses, such as an evolving model (that changes during gameplay), or a custom summoners icon. Ultimate skins may launch with a promotional discount, but will not be put on sale afterward.

These new tiers make it much clearer for a buyer to know what they're getting with their money, and helps Riot organize their store into a much more manageable position going forward. It may also help them convince players to purchase skins they were unwilling to pay $10 for. With the decision to break down their store into six detailed tiers, it seems like Riot is going to be stepping up their game on the microtransaction front. Though with bundles costing upwards of $30, it may be better to just start calling them transactions.

Source: The League of Legends Website

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