The RuneScape 3 Beta Test Has Begun

| 18 Apr 2013 13:24

One of the most popular free-to-play browser based MMO's enters testing for its summer facelift.

The world of Gielinor has never looked better than it does in RuneScape 3. The free-to-play MMO, built on 12 years of content, is coming to a browser near you this summer. Accepted testers can hop in to the game now though, as the RuneScape 3 Closed Beta test has begun.

The Beta's main focus is to test the game's new graphics engine and interface system, according to developer Jagex. RuneScape 3 will run on HTML5 and features a visually impressive world with improved draw distances, allowing users to take in views like never before. There are also new settings for reflections, bloom, and shadows.

While Jagex is excited to open their doors to players and start receiving feedback, they do want users to realize that this is an early beta. As such, the client isn't optimized and players can look forward to visible bugs and other graphics glitches. The developer does promise that these types of things will improve as the beta goes on though, and for their sake we hope they're right.

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Journey to the fantasy world of Gielinor and join millions of others in the world's greatest online adventure! Battle dragons and wizards with medieval weaponry and magic, undertake epic quests, upgrade your skills or just socialize with your friends. RuneScape is one of the largest, most expansive online strategy adventure games on the web today.

As the Beta progresses, features like a world map, music system, hint arrows and breadcrumb trails, quick chat, and new in-game cutscenes will all be added.

If you want to try out the RuneScape 3 Beta, you'll either have to wait until registrations open up again or become a Gold or Silver Premier Club member. Jagex affirms that more Beta testers will be added as the test rolls on though, so be patient if you're still waiting for that coveted invite. Keep checking back to the official RuneScape 3 Beta Site to find out when more invites roll out.

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