Riot Touts League of Legends All-Stars for Shanghai Competition

| 18 Apr 2013 22:00

Your North American and European League of Legends All-Star teams are officially decided.

The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) has been going on since February, pitting the top eight teams from the US and EU against one another each week to compete for glory and a spot in playoffs which will ultimately culminate at the World Championships later this year. In between the first and second half of the season, Riot is hosting an international All-Star tournament where the best players from around the world will be assembled into regional teams.

Competitors from North America, Europe, China, Korea, and Southeast Asia/Taiwan will battle in the All-Stars tournament at the Shanghai Grand Stage in China from May 24 to May 26. Riot hasn't mentioned if any monetary prizes will be rewarded at the tournament, but the victorious team will earn their region an additional spot in the Season 3 World Championship where millions of dollars will be on the line. Additionally, the top four teams will earn their region a first round bye in the Season 3 World Championship.

League Of Legends
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League of Legends files the sharp corners off of the notorious MOBA genre into something that's both approachable, yet challenging. Persistant character development lets you develop your strategies over time and build up your summoner profile, while runes can grant you the edge. The community is both highly competitive, yet well-policed. Think you have what it takes to compete in the League of Legends?

Here are the North America and European players who have been named All-Stars:

North America

Saintvicious (Curse)
Scarra (Team Dignitas)
Dyrus (TSM Snapdragon)
Xpecial (TSM Snapdragon)
Doublelift (Counter Logic Gaming)


Diamondprox (Gambit BenQ)
Alex Ich (Gambit BenQ)
sOAZ (Fnatic)
EDward (Gambit BenQ)
Yellowpete (EG Raidcall)

Aside from the main tournament, All-Star Week will also feature Skill Events, pitting the best players from each position (top, mid, jungle and bot) against one another. This is basically the ultimate bragging right tournament, and as Riot states, "The last players left standing will have the right to claim they're the best individual competitors in the world."

You can watch the tournament live and learn more about the All-Stars on the official League of Legends eSports site.

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