War Thunder Update Flies New Aircrafts; Mobile Version Announced

| 20 Apr 2013 14:30

Get ready to fly through the new and improved War Thunder that introduces new aircraft and a mobile version.

War Thunder has been soaring through Open Beta since late January and with 1.5 million active users, the WWII combat MMO, previously known as World of Planes, is off to a great start. This week, developer Gaijin released a pretty sizable update for the game and announced that they're working on an impressive mobile app.

The update, version 1.29, brings new game content and a number of improvements and fixes to War Thunder. The first change you'll notice when logging in is the brand new animated login screen. Gaijin have also changed how the main window of the hangar looks to make it more intuitive for their pilots.

The most substantial and awaited changes from the update include the addition of new aircraft. Five nations get new aircraft in this update, including Japan, the United States, Germany, the Soviets, and Great Britain. Japan get the Nakajima G5N and Nakajima G8N, Germany is granted the Do.217, the United States gets several versions of the famous B-25, the Soviets can now play with a new line of Tupolev Tu-2 bombers, and Great Britain can use the top tier Meteor Mk. 8 jet fighter.

In addition to graphics, sound, and gameplay balance updates, version 1.29 also includes an update to War Thunder's damage model, making the game more historically accurate. To do this, Gajin have added about 10 new parts for all planes and introduced the correct ammo types for every weapon.

For more on the version 1.29 update watch the video below.

The War Thunder mobile app, which is also being developed by Gaijin, will feature precise 3D-models, console-like graphics, and introduce the unique game mode "Dogfight" to the series.

"We're constantly striving to surprise our audience. The mobile version of War Thunder gives a new, marvelous gaming experience for both our existing fans and for newcomers," said CEO of Gaijin Entertainment Anton Yudintsev.

He goes on to explain that War Thunder mobile will follow a similar model to the PC version of War Thunder and will allow users to play with combat aircraft like WWII fighters and bombers first and then they'll later implement tanks and naval units.

There's no word on when War Thunder mobile will release, but when it does it will be available on iOS and Android devices.

If you want to check out War Thunder's full patch notes head over to the official War Thunder website.

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