Cryptic Announces Neverwinter Open Beta Early Access Dates

| 23 Apr 2013 14:32

Founders, it's almost time to get ahead in Neverwinter's Open Beta. Are you ready?

If you threw down some cash for a Neverwinter Hero of the North Founder's Pack or Guardian of Neverwinter Founder's Pack, get ready to enter the Forgotten Realms soon, as Neverwinter's Open Beta early access begins this week. The Open Beta kicks off on April 30, but Hero of the North Founder's Pack members will be able to play starting April 25 at 9 AM PDT.

Early access to the free-to-play action MMORPG will be available to all players who opted to buy either pack, which included in-game perks, guaranteed beta weekend access, unique mounts and companions, and rare items, on top of early headstart access to Neverwinter's Open Beta. Hero Founders will be the first players to experience the new in-game content beyond level 50, the first to modify and improve their characters via the Gateway web portal, and the first folks able to claim a guild name.

Guardians of Neverwinter will be able to join in the fun only a few days after Heroes, on April 27 at 9 AM PDT. For all non-Founders, Neverwinter's Open Beta will begin starting April 30, 2013.

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It's been over century since the Spellplague forever changed The Forgotten Realms. Now, explore the city that's been at the center of a thousand adventures: Neverwinter. Adapted from the real Dungeons and Dragon's ruleset, Neverwinter will feature action-oriented combat and storytelling unlike any other MMO. Take the world in your hands with the Foundry toolset and make your own tales. Make your mark in this legendary world.

In the last Beta Weekend, Founders and testers were able to take a look at Neverwinter's new crafting with the Profession system, as well as check out the revamped skill system and Gateway system, which allows players to manager professions, use the auction house, view guild information, and compose in-game mail via a computer, table, or mobile device.

Read our latest Neverwinter Preview for more details on what's in store for you in the Open Beta.

If you're curious about the game after reading this, head over to the official Neverwinter site to become a founder yourself and to get early Open Beta access now.

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