Black Gold, Snail Games' Follow Up To Age of Wushu To Be Shown At E3 2013

| 26 Apr 2013 21:20

Snail Games is eager to show off their new fantasy/steampunk MMO Black Gold.

With a name like Snail Games you'd think the developer would be really slow at coming out with games. Luckily for MMO fans everywhere, that isn't the case. The Age of Wushu developer only launched their Chinese MMO less than a month ago, and now, barely three weeks later, they're already eager to reveal details on their next epic MMO: Black Gold.

"Inspired by the many myths and fairy tales throughout Northern Europe, Black Gold combines fantasy with gothic steampunk feel," said Snail Games.

They go on to explain that the world of Black Gold is divided in to fantasy and gothic. The fantasy side is filled with beautiful magic and nature while the other is a world of steam with a mechanized society filled with giant walking cities.

Black Gold is being made using Age of Wushu's Flexi Engine, so you can expect the same dynamic shadows and vivid colors found in Wushu in the world of Black Gold.

"The world feels alive, with veins of light in the plants of jungles, clouds of steam from large cities, and powerful winds moving across dusty mountains," said Snail Games.

The new MMO will also feature over 3000 dynamic events and actions throughout the world. Other features include a player's ability to change forms in combat, as well as the chance to drive giant mechs.

Black Gold will be on display for the first time at E3 2013, so we'll have to wait until then to get our hands on the innovative title. For now, check out the Black Gold extended trailer which shows off some of the game's gorgeous locales and dynamic combat.

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