Meet Your Scaly Friends in Sony's Beta for Dragon's Prophet

| 26 Apr 2013 22:02

Let's look at all the different dragons you can capture in Dragon's Prophet.

Dragon's Prophet, the new free-to-play action MMO from Sony Online Entertainment doesn't mess around when it comes to dragons. Almost everything in the world is related to dragons and there are hundreds of different dragons that fill the mystical world of Auratia, each with their own story, skills, and mechanics. The latest Dragon's Prophet dev blog details all of the different types of dragons you'll find in the game, as well as some of the mechanics involved in training them.

Basically, there are three species of dragons in Dragon's Prophet: Elder Dragons, Legendary Dragons, and Normal Dragons. Elder and Legendary Dragons are powerful creatures related to the story and players can't train them. Morgath, the leader of the dragons who created the earth, forests, oceans, and sky is an example of an Elder Dragon. Legendaries are the offspring of Elder Dragons and are a rare sight to see, but you'll still occasionally encounter them along your travels.

Regular Dragons, the kind that can be captured and bonded to players, come in a variety of types and no two are the same. These include flying, aquatic, gliding, and land dragons. Each dragon comes with a variety of combat skills like attacks, buffs, and heals, and sometimes they'll even have skills that help with gathering and crafting. Some dragons even have skills they bestow on their owner called Dragon Soul Skills.

Dragon's Prophet

This action fantasy title has you, as a human hero, fighting alongside dragons. The most recent battle against evil ended in victory, but evil's a sneaky so-and-so, and the world's in peril again. Have you got what it takes to become the next Dragon Prophet?

This is a free-to-play, with microtransactions. Though there isn't a subscription system per se, during closed beta the developer is selling what's called a Dragon Pack. There are three different kinds of Packs, each with its own dragon, title and gear; it's basically a VIP system in all but name. Cost of these packs ranges from $19,99 to $89.99, depending on how fancy you care to get. Purchase of a Pack gets you into the beta.

Flying dragons are often bird-like in appearance and can transport players all over Auratia with ease. Gliding dragons on the other hand have big webbed arms and can glide long distances in a single leap. They're skilled in combat and usually look like bats in appearance.

Land dragons come in all different shapes and sizes and have multiple uses. Some are used to haul wares, while others who are more agile are great in combat. Other land dragons make perfect mounts. You'll have to catch a variety of them to decide which one is best for each situation.

Aquatic dragons are the swimmers of the dragon bunch. They love to drift through Auratia's oceans and lakes and they're great for diving and getting across watery terrain.

It really is fascinating to wander through Auratia and interact with all of the different dragons. If you ever decide you want to capture one for yourself, all you have to do is walk up to it and play the Capture Dragon mini-game.

The mini-game tasks players to keep an icon balanced within the center of a target for a per-determined amount of time using their WASD keys. It's actually kind of difficult at first, but as players level their Charisma skill they'll have an easier time with capturing.

There are hundreds of different dragons to experiment with once you're in the world of Dragon's Prophet, so if you're a fan of the mythical beasts you should sign up for our Dragon's Prophet Beta Key Giveaway to secure your spot in the Closed Beta right now.

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