EVE Online Collector's Edition Celebrates 10 Years of EVE

| 30 Apr 2013 14:37

Loyal EVE Online fans are going to adore this special Collector's Edition.

It's almost hard to believe that EVE Online has been around for ten whole years. The sci-fi MMO from CCP Games came out in May 2003 and features an open-ended galaxy with players who are all vying for power over in different ways. With over 500,000 subscribers and a new tie-in game coming in May with Dust 514, it seems only natural that CCP Games wants to celebrate their success with a Limited-Edition Box Set commemorating ten years of EVE Online and the continuing evolution of the series.

"EVE Online is a unique experience in gaming, with the most passionate, imaginative and loyal gamers anywhere growing and evolving the EVE universe for over ten years," said David Reid, Chief Marketing Officer at CCP. "This collector's edition was created in honor of and specifically for those who have truly brought EVE's solar systems to life."

EVE: The Second Decade Collector's Edition is the name of the limited edition box set. It will be available this September for $149.99 and contains a whole bunch of exclusive collectible items that hardcore EVE Online fans are sure to love.

EVE Online
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In EVE, a universe of unbounded opportunity awaits new capsuleers, whether they lust after wealth, crave the fight or simply yearn for adventure among the stars. The venerable and ever-updated science-fiction MMO lets you create a spaceship pilot, mine the stars, engage in corporate warfare, and live in one of the deepest MMO communities available.

Here's what the set includes:

Into the Second Decade: A 190-page, richly illustrated hardcover book commemorating the first 10 years of the EVE Universe. Into the Second Decade details the initial release of EVE Online, and chronicles its growth through the game's numerous free expansions, the community events that helped define the experience, and the launch of DUST 514.

"Rifter" USB hub: A four-port USB hub modeled on an iconic EVE Online ship.

EVE Symphony CD: A live performance of the signature EVE soundtrack by the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, recorded in Reykjavik during EVE Fanfest 2013.

The Danger Game board game: An English-language adaptation of the popular Icelandic board game. Created by a fledgling CCP in 1998, The Danger Game (Icelandic: H?ttuspil) helped fund development of the original EVE Online release.

Fans who know they're definitely going to get the Collector's Edition should pre-order, as CCP Games is offering everyone who per-purchases two powerful in-game items. These include the "Nefantar Thrasher" for EVE Online, and the "Amarr Templar Drop Uplink" for DUST 514.

Additionally, those who buy the Collector's Edition will also get unique in-game items in EVE Online and DUST 514, including a new skin for the Amarr Magnate frigate in EVE Online as well as a bunch of exclusive clothing items and accessories to dress your pilot in. DUST 514 players will receive powerful weapons and Templar dropsuits. The CE also grants players:

The Golden Pod: An exclusive skin for the iconic capsule (EVE Online).

A "Gnosis" Blueprint: A five-run blueprint of the 10th anniversary Gnosis, the Society of Conscious Thought battlecruiser (EVE Online).

The Time Capsule: A selection of collectible items based on classic EVE lore as well as memorable moments over the first decade (EVE Online).

If you're interested in pre-purchasing EVE: The Second Decade Collector's Edition you can do so now via the EVE Online official store.

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