World of Tanks Charity Drive Benefits Real-World Military Servicemen

| 30 Apr 2013 21:54

WoT's May bundles will split 10% of profits among three military charity organizations.

It's nice when our action-filled videogames pause to remember the real-world battles that inspired them - and recognize that those battles were not nearly so much fun for the men taking part. Wargaming is doing exactly that with their National Military Appreciation Month promotion, putting two bundles up for sale in the World of Tanks cash shop with the aim of raising money for three charities.

10% of each bundle purchased, whether by the player for himself or gifted to a friend, will go to three military charities: Homes For Our Troops, AMVETS, and the Military Families Fund.

The first bundle, selling for $115.99, comes with a Tier VIII Heavy T31 tank, one garage slot, 90 days of premium membership, 10,000 gold to spend in the shop, and 1,200,000 credits. Meanwhile, the second (much more reasonably priced bundle) is $23.39, and will net players 2,000 gold and 2,000,000 credits.

World of Tanks
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Experience intense tank-on-tank combat in a unique battlefield MMO based on real tanks from the mid-twentieth century. The combination of top-notch graphics, a complex physics system, and stunning sound effects all help to provide endless excitement as you control a tank in battles with up to 30 vehicles at a time.

The promotion begins tonight at 11pm PDT, and will conclude at 11pm on May 31. The bundles can be found in World of Tanks' gift shop.

"While we're in the video game business, we're also a company that's incredibly committed to giving back to organizations that honor and assist veterans and those that have served our country," says Jeremy Monroe, General Manager of Wargaming North America. "We're incredibly excited to offer our players this unique chance to not only pick up some great World of Tanks goods, but also help give back to these worthy charities."

Source: World of Tanks website

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