Dragon's Prophet Classes: Todd Carson from Sony Online Explains It All for You

| 30 Apr 2013 22:30

"When it comes to the different classes and what dragon suits your needs, it's also probably going to depend on the playstyle you have," Carson said. "There's two classes, the Oracle and the Sorcerer, that have cloth armor and it seems just logical that they're going to want to get a little bit more of a tank type dragon, one that can take a little bit of damage, last a little bit longer before they run out of energy. Whereas the Guardian class doesn't need to worry about taking damage - he wears heavy armor - he's going to look for a dragon that has abilities which maybe stun opponents or perform magical attacks on them, that type of thing."

With only four classes available right now, you might think characters will be fairly cookie-cutter but with the dragons you collect and how you attribute your skill points, that's hardly the case. "There's some variation within each class based on what combos you use," Carson said. "Once you hit level 15, you're going to open up a skill tree and each skill tree has 30 different skills. Some of them actually branch off to two as well. You're not going to get enough points when you reach level 60 to fill even half of that skill tree. So the player's going to be able to customize their class a little bit right there in the skill tree along with how they assign attribute points when they level up." Rather than every character having to max out one way in order to stay competitive, it sounds like the customization of the skill points and the dragons you collect more than make up for only four classes.

There's the Oracle class, the Sorcerer, which is your ranged DPS glass cannon and the Guardian, the only class able to wear heavy armor. "The fourth class is a Ranger," Carson went on. "The Ranger is also a bit of a hybrid in that the Ranger can do damage from a distance, obviously, but he can also, using his mana, do some serious damage up close just for a limited amount of time. The Ranger can use light armor, bows and arrows as well as gun blades."

Dragon's Prophet

This action fantasy title has you, as a human hero, fighting alongside dragons. The most recent battle against evil ended in victory, but evil's a sneaky so-and-so, and the world's in peril again. Have you got what it takes to become the next Dragon Prophet?

This is a free-to-play, with microtransactions. Though there isn't a subscription system per se, during closed beta the developer is selling what's called a Dragon Pack. There are three different kinds of Packs, each with its own dragon, title and gear; it's basically a VIP system in all but name. Cost of these packs ranges from $19,99 to $89.99, depending on how fancy you care to get. Purchase of a Pack gets you into the beta.

Gun blades? What is this, Final Fantasy? "The game is being developed by a company called Runewaker out of Taiwan so certainly there's an Asian influence," Carson admitted, but he was sure to stress Dragon's Prophet is a melding of Eastern and Western MMORPG concepts and aesthetics. And honestly, Final Fantasy isn't the series that comes to mind when you think about collecting all those dragons. It's more Pokemon.

"You can capture a dragon and then you can summon it to fight alongside you in battle, you can ride it, you can take that dragon back to your dragon lair and have it harvest resources for you," Carson said, audibly excited about his dragons going on missions for his character similar to the companion quests of Star Wars: The Old Republic. "You can do that all while you're offline. You can set your dragons to do work like that from anywhere from one hour to 24 hours."

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