Camelot Unchained is Officially Happening, DAoC Fans Cheer Madly

| 3 May 2013 12:10
Camelot Unchained Sample

Mark Jacobs' newest project has successfully raised its Kickstarter goal, and will be moving into full development soon.

Dark Age of Camelot was not a game that I ever played personally. Having joined the MMO community in 2003 with Star Wars: Galaxies, I never had the opportunity to get involved with the game or even really learn that much about it. That said, when I heard that the game's designer, Mark Jacobs, would be creating a successor to DAoC, I nearly jumped out of my chair with excitement. DAoC is one of the legendary early MMOs that drove the medium to be what it is today, and Mark Jacobs, aside from helping found Mythic Entertainment (thank you very much, sir), was one of the lead visionaries on creating the game. I am pleased to report that as of this morning, Camelot Unchained - the not-spiritual-successor to DAoC - has successfully met its Kickstarter goal of $2,000,000.

Created by City State Entertainment, Jacobs' new company that he founded in 2011, Camelot Unchained promises to follow much of the same philosophy of DAoC, focusing on a sandbox style game with no PvE-based leveling or drops, and a new system Jacobs calls "TriRealm RvR", in which players are constantly duking it out against one another on a huge scale.

The Kickstarter for Camelot Unchained ended just moments ago, finishing with $2,232,933 in funding, reaching their first stretch goal. Jacobs has promised to add $2million of his own money if the Kickstarter was successful, meaning that the development team will have the funding necessary to get themselves started, even on a project as massive as an MMORPG. Though there hasn't been a lot of detailed information revealed yet, now that they are securely funded, you can be sure that City State Entertainment will be informing their backers about their plans for the future. For more information about Camelot Unchained, check out their Kickstarter page, or the Camelot Unchained website, and stay tuned on WarCry for the latest updates.

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