Exploring Wynnadia, The New Zone In Dragon's Prophet

| 3 May 2013 13:35
Dragon's Prophet new zone Wynnadia

Wynnadia, a land rich with culture, has been revealed in Dragon's Prophet.

As with any MMO, the lore and culture of its world plays a big part in the experience you're sure to have in the game. When you think of Dragon's Prophet, the first thing that probably comes to mind isn't the lore, but your scaly friends and all of the adventures you're sure to have with them. However, aside from all of the epic dragon fun, Dragon's Prophet's world of Auratia really is rich with history, and a new zone in the game, Wynnadia, has been revealed to drive this point home.

Wynnadia is a majestic level 41-50 zone filled with rolling plains and it is oozing with culture. The zone is located in the south of the western continent of Auratia and is connected in the north-east by Satuma's Oristan Woodlands. Wynnadia has several major areas that players will definitely want to explore.

Dragon's Prophet

This action fantasy title has you, as a human hero, fighting alongside dragons. The most recent battle against evil ended in victory, but evil's a sneaky so-and-so, and the world's in peril again. Have you got what it takes to become the next Dragon Prophet?

This is a free-to-play, with microtransactions. Though there isn't a subscription system per se, during closed beta the developer is selling what's called a Dragon Pack. There are three different kinds of Packs, each with its own dragon, title and gear; it's basically a VIP system in all but name. Cost of these packs ranges from $19,99 to $89.99, depending on how fancy you care to get. Purchase of a Pack gets you into the beta.

The first is Lilia City, a military stronghold for The Chago Kingdom that's also home to Lilia Harbor, one of the most powerful naval bases in the land. The city is massive, with huge buildings and a clean atmosphere, even though it's been somewhat segregated from the rest of the population. The other large city in Wynnadia is Zarland City, a surprisingly peaceful city filled with refugees and outcasts.

Wynnadia is also home to a dilapidated stronghold called the Nameless Keep, as well as the ancient Accursed Tower. It's said that researchers who have attempted to learn more about the Accursed Tower are never seen again. Along these lines, Wynnadia as a whole is infested with undead horrors and long-forgotten atrocities that players will have to deal with.

Aside from these iconic locations, Wynnadia also features the Wynnadia Plains, the beaches of the coast, Warthorne Meadows, and The Deer & Prancing Bird. If you want to learn more about Wynnadia, head over to the official Dragon's Prophet website.

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