The Elder Titan Is Dota 2's Newest Hero

| 3 May 2013 15:24
dota 2 elder titan

The Elder Titan is finished studying at the forge of creation and has made his way in to Dota 2.

While many eSports fans thought there wouldn't be another Hero added to Dota 2 before The International 3 tournament, Valve surprised everyone by adding The Elder Titan Hero this week. The Elder Titan, formerly known in the originalDota as The Tauren Warchief, is the 101st Hero to be added to the game.

Elder Titan is a durable strength initiate Hero who can also be played as a support. He's unique in a lot of ways, one of them being his ability to deal both physical and magical damage to enemies. His first ability, Echo Stomp, damages nearby enemies and renders them unconscious for a few seconds. It's a great ability to use when you want to start a fight and allow your team time to get in position, or as an escape tactic.

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Dota began as a user-made modification for Warcraft 3 and has grown into one of the most played online games in the world. Following in the tradition of Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress, Portal, and Alien Swarm, Dota 2 is the result of Valve hiring the community developers who built the mod and giving them the chance to finally build a full product out of their idea with the help of a professional team of developers and artists at Valve.

As for the gameplay, it's a little hard to describe. The camera is set in the traditional RTS perspective, but it wouldn't be fair to call Dota an RTS. And while each hero starts at level 1, and many times hits the level cap of 25, it wouldn't be fair to call it an RPG.

Lots of people have tried to assign various genre names to Dota, but we think Action RTS is probably the most descriptive. And while we don't spend a lot of time trying to figure out what genre the game is inventing, we can't stop playing it internally!

His second ability, Ancestral Spirit, is the crux of the character. It creates a controllable Spirit who mimics all of Elder Titan's actions. Meaning, if you cast Echo Stomp for example, the Spirit will also cast Echo Stomp wherever it is on the battlefield. The Spirit also deals damage to any enemies it walks through, and when it returns to Elder Titan it grants him bonus damage and movement speed for each unit it walked through.

Natural Order is The Elder Titan's third ability. It's a passive move that reduces all enemies armor and magic resistance. It's not very glamorous, but considering Elder Titan is meant to be an initiator, having this skill leveled will allow him and his teammates to deal a ton of extra damage to any enemy around him in a 275 radius.

Elder Titan's ultimate ability is called Earth Splitter. It's an active point ability that opens up a 2400 radius crack in the ground, slowing and dealing damage to any enemies caught within it based on their maximum health.

Overall Elder Titan seems like he'll be a force to be reckoned with. With some good teamwork and great communication, landing his ultimate or even a good Echo Stomp will surely devastate enemy teams.

For this week's full Dota 2 patch notes check out the official Dota 2 site.

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