The Secret World Gives Away a Few Bonuses This Weekend

| 3 May 2013 15:28
The Secret World El Dorado

TSW players can advance twice as fast and earn even more incentives to recruit pals into checking out The Secret World.

We're always down for a little celebration in our MMOs, even if we're not entirely sure what they're celebrating. As long as we get something out of it, right? That's the case with The Secret World's "Golden Weekend," an in-game event running from 9am EDT, this Friday May 3.

The event's been detailed at the Secret World blog. Most notably, all players will receive double action points to put towards unlocking new abilities. The double AP event will stack with AP-boosting buffs from the in-game Item Store, and it applies to all AP earned, whether from questing or combat.

The other bonuses we're up for during the Golden Weekend tend to be more of the real-world variety. For instance, if you're a new player who purchases the subscriptionless MMO over the weekend, you'll get a bonus $15 worth of points to spend in the Item store. Typically, purchase of the game does not come with any points unless the player elects to buy a membership as well.

The Secret World
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Imagine if every myth and conspiracy was real. That's the madness inherent to The Secret World. Lovecraftian horrors battle massive government conspiracies, all with you in the middle. Featuring a fully-voice acted storyline, free-form class development and an innovative quest system, The Secret World peels back the MMO as you know it and reveals a world of possibilities inside.

There are benefits for existing players this weekend, too. You'll get an extra 30% when you buy points for the Item Store. Additionally, you'll get a free month of membership status for each new player you invite during the weekend - though they'll have to redeem your invite within 30 days for you to receive the reward.

While it may not seem like much, you have to admit it's nice to get that double-AP bonus for essentially doing nothing - and hey, there's no better time to coax your hesitant friend to join you in TSW's futuristic alternate reality, either.

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