Infinite Crisis' Lineup Grows With Poison Ivy

| 4 May 2013 08:20
Infinite Crisis: Poison Ivy

The saucy supervillain sinks her roots deep into the forthcoming MOBA.

It seems Turbine is really ramping up Infinite Crisis' roster in the lead-up to its beta phase. The newest character to be revealed is the seductive botanist-turned-supervillain Poison Ivy, who acts best as a support class with a side of - you guessed it - deadly poison attacks.

Just like the comic book character she's based on, Poison Ivy plays a dual role in the DC-themed MOBA. Some of her skills are friendly heal-over-time spells - she can also shield a teammate with a thorny shield, or knock an enemy into the air with a tunnelling vine. Her ultimate ability summons a large healing circle on the ground, which also slows and poisons enemies that may enter it.

Poison Ivy joins a lineup of DC Comics' most well-known characters. Other recent additions to the list include Gaslight Catwoman, Gaslight Batman, and Doomsday.

Infinite Crisis
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Developed by Turbine, Infinite Crisis sees the worlds of DC's Multiverse come crashing together, pitting twisted incarnations of some of your favorite heroes and villains, like Batman, Green Lantern, Catwoman and The Flash, against each other in head-to-head multiplayer combat. With characters like Nightmare Batman and Gaslight Catwoman, it's DC Comics superheroes like you've never seen them before!

The reveals of new characters are becoming more frequent as Infinite Crisis nears the launch of its open beta phase, starting May 8.

I had a whirl with Infinite Crisis myself at this year's GDC, and Poison Ivy was actually my preferred character. She's a support character who'll appeal to those not normally into healing classes, I feel - the support aspects of her gameplay are relatively low-stress, while disrupting enemies with rogue roots is insanely addictive from the outset.

Source: Champion Profile: Poison Ivy

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