EVE Online Breaks Peak Concurrent User Record During Birthday Celebrations

| 6 May 2013 20:00
EVE is 10 2

EVE Online heats up the party with over 65,000 concurrent users celebrating of the game's tenth anniversary.

EVE Online has always been unique in the MMO family. It stands in sharp contrast to what has become the norm for the genre, boasting a player dominated economy and player driven politics. Though many MMOs have been criticized for getting easier and less compelling over time, EVE Online has maintained a reputation for an infernally challenging learning curve and for increasing its player base consistently since its launch. Today, EVE celebrated its tenth anniversary, making the game older than some of the children who are inevitably playing it. CCP and the game's players came together to celebrate the anniversary of the game with a massive in game event that peaked at over 65,000 concurrent users-- the highest number of simultaneously logged in players that EVE has ever had before. If there was any sign that EVE is doing better than ever, that's got to be it.

Active players also received additional gifts, such as character implants or avatar clothing. CCP also delivered a custom battlecruiser to the hanger of all active subscribers. This ship, the Society of Conscious Thought "Gnosis" is a unique frigate that can only be received during this celebration, and promises to be a great collector's item in the years to come.

EVE Online has become influential in the discussion of the value of games since its launch in 2003. Because the game is a pure sandbox, it has become a cornerstone in discussions about freedom in game design, and has even been studied by economists who are looking to understand the nature of its economy. CCP has been highlighting interesting details such as these and more with its theme for the game's 10th anniversary, "The Second Decade". This theme is focusing on the experiences of players up to this point, and the continuous success of the franchise.

Alongside the festivities, CCP has tons of new content coming out soon. On May 14th, CCP will be releasing DUST 514 on the Playstation 3. Although DUST 514 is disconnected from the active EVE servers, the additional content to New Eden will have EVE fans eagerly running and gunning. That is of course, unless they're too busy playing the new free expansion, EVE Online: Odyssey. Releasing June 4th, Odyssey features a revamped scanning technology, allowing players to find hidden sites with compelling rewards. CCP has also announced that they will be offering a limited edition box set of the game, with all kinds of badass goodies.

EVE Online
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In EVE, a universe of unbounded opportunity awaits new capsuleers, whether they lust after wealth, crave the fight or simply yearn for adventure among the stars. The venerable and ever-updated science-fiction MMO lets you create a spaceship pilot, mine the stars, engage in corporate warfare, and live in one of the deepest MMO communities available.

CCP is clearly hard at work to expand their content, and with over 500,000 active users worldwide, they have definitely come a long way from the barebones website that went live in 2000. In a genre where games rarely last more than two or three years, the milestone of ten is a feat worthy of recognition and reverence. Happy birthday, EVE Online. Here's to hoping for another ten more.

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