Dragon Nest Reveals New Dancing Class: The Kali

| 6 May 2013 18:17
kali dragons nest dancer

The new Kali class dances her way to Dragon Nest very soon.

Dragon Nest has been out since September 2011 in North America, and since its Lotus March expansion last September, players have been wondering when they'd see the next character introduced to the game. Finally, the wait is over as the Kali is going to be added to the free-to-play MMO very soon.

"Combining fluid fan and chakram strikes with crippling dark magic and spirit attacks, this mysterious fighter darts from enemy to enemy with mesmerizing grace, strengthening allies and overwhelming foes in a dance of devastation," explained Nexon.

The Kali are the sixth class to be added to Dragon Nest and primarily use fans and chakrams to deal dark magic damage, spirit attacks, and melee kicks and punches to get the best of their enemies. Kali damage enemies from mid-range and, with the right class advancements, can summon demons to do her dirty work for her.

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Dragon Nest takes players on a magical journery to save the Goddess Altea from her evil sister. You'll traverse the land of Lagendia, gaining strength and abilities, while fighting the dragons who guard the power stones you need to save Altea.[/i]

Kali can advance into a Screamer or Dancer class, depending on a user's personal playstyle, once they reach level 15. A Screamer focuses on dark spiritual magic attacks and their attacks are long range. Once they reach level 45, Screamers can advance in to Dark Summoners or Soul Eaters. Dark Summoners specialize in conjuring phantom claws to chain attacks together, while Soul Eaters focus on powerful area of effect attacks and magic.

A Kali advanced in to a Dancer will concentrate her efforts on using a blade and physical attacks, focusing on melee and wide area of effect combat. From here, Kali can eventually level up into Blade Dancer or Spirit Dancer at level 45. Blade Dancers are extremely agile, spinning and pirouetting around the battlefield, using their chakram as a weapon. Spirit Dancers call on spirits to aid them in battle, and focus their energy on powerful melee attacks.

There's no word on when the Kali will be added in to the North American version of Dragon Nest, but they're already in the Korean client so it shouldn't be too much longer now. Check out the video below to see the Kali character in action.

Source: Official Dragon Nestt site

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