DC Universe Online Origin Crisis Update Coming Out Soon

| 8 May 2013 13:49
DC Universe Online Origin Crisis

DCUO Legendary Members get a nice surprise with early access to Origin Crisis.

Turns out that fans of DC Universe Online don't have to wait much longer for the most recent DLC, Origin Crisis, announced back in October. In fact, monthly subscribers (Legendary members) can download the update today. Origin Crisis, which features new raids, gear, and trophies, is out May 8th for subscribers and May 14th for everyone else.

Origin Crisis continues DCUO's ongoing tradition of mind-boggling, time-travelling storytelling. This time around, both Lex Luthor and Batman are fooling around with other superheroes' origin stories in an effort to turn the turn the tide in their favor. This means bouncing around alternate versions of Metropolis and Gotham, exploring and changing key moments in heroes' histories. And of course dealing with the repercussions of manipulating the past. It's like Lex and Bruce never read any comic books.

This new storyline comes with two new raids and two new operations on both sides. Players will also get to deck out their heroes with new new PvE gear and a completely new power, Quantum, which allows heroes to manipulate the fabric of spacetime. So get those Dr. Who puns ready--you're going to need them.

DC Universe Online
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