Cryptozoic Will Do Literally Anything to Make Hex, a MMO/TCG

| 9 May 2013 15:15
Cryptozoic CEO title

CEO Cory Jones looks terrible in drag so fund this quick and do the world a favor!

Cryptozoic is best known for the wildly popular World of Warcraft trading card game and various deck building games for properties like Lord of the Rings and The Walking Dead. Starting today, Cryptozoic wants to take all the knowledge they have gained from making a TCG based on an MMO and combine them into a MMO/TCG called HEX. An MMO/TCG, according to Cryptozoic, takes all of the role-playing and social factors of an MMO and mixes them with the tournament style trading card game culture. Cryptozoic's Kickstarter goal is $300,000 to meet the last of their art asset and development need.

So how exactly will this game play? Well, if the UI and gameplay videos are any indication, HEX will act a lot like the Magic: The Gathering computer game with the social aspects of WoW like a guild bank, raids, and trade chat. The interesting part of this Kickstarter is the idea of a guild in a TCG. The guild bank, often simultaneously a boon and bane of a guild, is a repository where the members of a guild can deposit cards for other players in the guild to grab. In addition, PVE elements of the game offer rewards like any MMO with a raiding system. From PVE, you can expect to gain gear and gems that you can use to make your cards stronger or, at the very least, different than expected. According to their Q+A on their kickstarter, equipment will only be used in PVE.

Trading card games have been a mainstay of analog play for quite some time and Cryptozoic has done a good job with the WoW TCG. If you're like me, you have piles of WoW TCG cards sitting around as you've been trying to find that statue generator Fishing Chair that will make gathering all those fish more enjoyable.

Finally, Cryptozoic are trying to figure out a way to hold tournaments in-game for cash money. They already have systems in place for booster draft tournaments and larger, pre-constructed deck tournaments but the thought of playing in tournaments for actual cash is at least interesting enough to give this product a closer look.

If you aren't interested in trading card games, you may consider funding Hex based on the explanation video alone. Please fund this product so Cory Jones doesn't have to sell himself for development funds.

Source: HEX Kickstarter

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