CCP Bringing "Something" to iOS for EVE Online "Soon"

| 10 May 2013 21:30
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Accessing EVE from a tablet or phone is something that "needs to happen."

CCP's annual fan festival wrapped up a little over a week ago so now it is time to go through the details. During a fanfest interview, Kristoffer Touborg, lead designer for EVE Online, mentioned that it doesn't make any sense that you can't interact with EVE with a mobile device. He went on to say that CCP hasn't "fleshed out" their plan for mobile integration but that they will be showing something later this year.

Fans of EVE Online know that there are tools out there that can pull from EVE's API. Tools like Neocom and iClone allow players to plan out their character's skill progression. These tools also allow players to plan jumps, view assets, kill reports, market values, and maintain their ledgers. The only thing these tools can't do is actually send data to EVE Online.

EVE Online

Touborg notes that, "We [CCP] need to move into something more like different levels of access on different devices." Integrating any of the social aspects of EVE like chat; hanger and corporate maintenance; or market data would change a significant amount of player behavior, as it happens currently. Players would no longer need to log in market alts or manipulate hanger services by logging in a character from anywhere - even the toilet.


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