Black Gold Online Features Huge World, Dynamic Events, And Rideable Mechs

| 13 May 2013 17:28
black gold online

Ride mechs and explore a world filled with dynamic events in Black Gold Online.

Black Gold Online from Snail Games was only revealed a few weeks ago, but the Age of Wushu developer is already eager to reveal more details about the upcoming MMO that melds magic and steampunk together. The team recently updated their Chinese website, listing new features coming to the game, and MMO Culture have translated them for your enjoyment.

According to the latest update, Black Gold Online is a huge game and will feature two factions with 300 square kilometers of land mass for them to explore. The MMO will have six races (three on each faction) and 18 classes, including advancements. They've also stated that healers won't just be sitting in the back aiding the weak, they'll also be able to dish out massive damage.

Black Gold Online
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Inspired by the many myths and fairytales throughout Northern Europe, Black Gold combines fantasy with gothic steampunk feel. These two worlds are also alignments that players can choose. On one side is a world of fantasy, filled with magic drawn from the life and nature found around the ancient jungles and temples of the terrain. The other is the world of Steam, a mechanized society of giant walking cities, which utilizes engineering and mechanized equipment to gain supremacy.

Little is known about this title at the moment. It's due for a first impressions unveiling at E3 2013.

Black Gold Online will also have over 3000 dynamic events both large and small scattered throughout the world. Some of these dynamic events will trigger new quests and others can even affect everyone on the server.

For competitive players, Black Gold Online will feature guild wars, faction wars, and cross-server PvP.

There will also be a variety of mounts that players can ride in order to transport the rare Black Gold resource, including mecha suits where users play in first person view, anti-air tanks, delivery carriers, and flying dragons. Snail Games' Flexi Engine will even allow folks to change from first person to third person to sniper-scope views in-game during various situations.

If all this sounds up your alley, watch the beautiful extended trailer for Black Gold Online below which came out last December.

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