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| 13 May 2013 17:32
Atlantica Online screen

Rise of Atlantis: Ascension adds a new continent, a new mercenary and a higher level cap.

Developer NDOORS Interactive plans to raise the bar again with their newest content update for Atlantica Online. Entitled Ascension, the patch brings players to the entirely new continent of West Atlantis, the destroyed technological heart of Atlantis. The ruined city is now host to a number of centaurs defending their new homeland. These centaurs form the basis of a new level 155 (crazy, we know) raid dungeon called "Centaur Hero." This raid doesn't sound too crazy, however, when you consider the new level cap of 160.

Level 160 means a grip of new talents for every class that are sure to make your character that much more dangerous. Players who make it through the new Centaur Hero dungeon can recruit a centaur of their own. Chironia, the new mercenary, comes with awesome archery talents that would benefit anyone's team.

The newest update for Atlantica Online is sure to keep fans busy for at least until June, when the next announced patch Judgment comes out. Check out the trailer for Ascension below.

Atlantica Online

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