DC Universe Online Origin Crisis Preview! Stop Lex Luthor From Mentoring a Young Bruce Wayne!

| 13 May 2013 22:00
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Fight through space and time against Lex Luthor and Batman as they attempt to kill off other iconic heroes and villains.

DC Universe Online launched in 2011 for the PC and PS3. Here, you play as a new superhero given power after future Lex Luthor sends back technology that gives people super powers. As a new super hero, you fight alongside the Justice League of America or as a new super villain you fight as a member of the Secret Society of Supervillains. Thus far, DCUO has centered on the Superman Villain, Brainiac, Batman, and Lex Luthor. The Origin Crisis DLC seeks to finish off this story arc as heroes and villains race through time and space to stop different attempts to manipulate the origin of iconic super heroes. In Origin Crisis, you will be fighting in the past to keep Superman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman, and Batman's origins unscathed. Today, Jens Andersen, Creative Director for DCUO, sat down and showed off the content that he has wanted to have in this game since its inception.

Origin Crisis is the culmination of the Brainiac storyline that began at launch. Here, players will attempt to stop Future Batman and Future Lex Luthor from destroying reality itself. This is the 7th expansion pack for DCUO and it features a massive amount of content for players who have reached maximum level and achieved a Combat Rating of 84 or higher. In addition to the Quantum Powers (one of which is this sweet arc that sweeps enemies from behind you to in front of you), players get to engage with solo content called Iconic Anomalies and 2, 8-player raids.

DC Universe Online

Iconic Anomalies
Iconic Anomalies are something that stood out during this demonstration. Here, you control 1 of 2 different characters, Bizzaro or The Huntress as Lex Luthor and Batman gather data on how changes in their origin story might manipulate events in the future.

In the Bizzaro Iconic Anomaly, you begin at Luthorcorp when Lex asks for the project to clone Superman be shut down. As one of the failed clones, you suddenly need to break out of the lab and see the world. Between his heat breath and ice beams, Bizzaro was a very welcome change to my usual controller powers. Everything gained inside these anomalies went to the current player so it was excellent as I was a little worried that, because I wasn't playing as myself, I would miss out. Loot dropped from this encounter was also in the Tier 5 category so I imagine we will all run it more than a few times. Overall, watching them demo you could tell that it was a difficult excursion. I mean, during the demo Andersen was defeated on the first series of encounters.

One thing that stuck out in these encounters was that there were a series of characters or objects that would call for backup on a timer. If that timer counted all the way down, reinforcements would arrive. These enemies were a lot more powerful than anything in the room previously so the punishment for missing these timers is extraordinary.

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