DC Universe Online Origin Crisis Preview! Stop Lex Luthor From Mentoring a Young Bruce Wayne!

| 13 May 2013 22:00
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The Huntress' Iconic Anomaly was particularly interesting. Not only was it difficult due to the number of characters trying to call for backup, but the final boss of this anomaly is 1 of 2 choices. You can either choose to fight a mob boss, The Huntress' father, or you can fight 1 of several iconic villains from the Batman Mythos. In Andersen's' encounter, he fought The Croc but he mentioned that Scarecrow could also come.

Players can expect this content to open up at combat rating 84 with a level of 30 and I really believe that by the time you get to this content, playing as something else will be a welcome distraction. While there are only 2 of these encounters in the game currently, Andersen indicated that he would love to see more of them in the future.

Endgame Raids
There are 2 endgame raids that groups of 8 can encounter. The first raid is called Paradox Wave. In this raid, 8 players engage with the forces of time itself as the paradox caused by Future Lex Luthor and Future Batman blasts through all the realities. Players must defeat the paradox reapers and stop reality itself from being destroyed. Andersen has indicated that only 2 groups have defeated this raid thus far and looking around, I see that they are keeping their strategies to themselves.

The second raid is called The Nexus of Reality. Here, you will fight Future Batman and Future Lex Luthor at the center of the earth (depending on if you're a hero or a villain) as they attempt to erase villains and heroes from history and stop Brainiac from taking over the multiverse. Combat Rating for this content is around 86 and you'll be able to at least partially kit yourself out with gear from the Iconic Anomalies.

This raid is pretty unique because depending on the order of how you defeat sub-bosses; the final room will have different enemies to fight. There are 3 rooms and a final boss. For example, in the first room, 5 Lex Luthors or 5 Batmans enter. When 4 of them are defeated, the 5th runs off. As players progress through this fight, they will eventually reach the final fight against 3 Lex Luthors. This fight also includes a randomized component - an artifact. Andersen indicated that it could be the Clay Statue that became Wonder Woman, Gorilla Grodd's mind control devices, or even something like Superboy's DNA sample.

DC Universe Online

Future Content
With this as the last expansion of the Brainiac Arc, DCUO is now set to begin something new. Andersen didn't have a lot of solid content to offer other than to say that certain characters in the trinity of the DC Universe haven't been fully explored and so new content may center on them. Wonder Woman (and The Martian Manhunter or Hawkman if you expand the trinity a bit) don't really have too much of a presence in-game so I'm willing to bet that fans of those heroes may finally see something about them soon.

Andersen ended his demo saying that he really wants to offer Legends PVE content where players actually engage in a storyline involving their favorite icons but for now, the Iconic Anomaly will have to sate that appetite for now.

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