Prepare For Launch, DUST 514 Is Available Now

| 14 May 2013 18:47
dust 514 launch

Lock and load, merc! The shooter revolution is here.

It's always an exciting day when a brand new game launches, especially when it's a game that's been in development for a long time. DUST 514 is such a game, and fans of the free-to-play massively multiplayer first-person shooter may now rejoice, as the PlayStation 3 exclusive is finally available for everyone.

"DUST 514 has been forged by the willpower and skills of the players who have joined us on the journey to launch, and the talent and determination of our development teams around the world," said CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson. "We are now poised for the next phase of development of DUST 514 and the EVE Universe. We are off to a fantastic start, and ahead is the opportunity to expand even further what games can become. After a decade of preparing for this moment, we will at last see the emerging society of DUST 514 players begin to fight gun-and-grenade for planetary dominance, alongside their EVE Online brethren. For all we have done so far, our best moments are yet to come."

EVE Online
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In EVE, a universe of unbounded opportunity awaits new capsuleers, whether they lust after wealth, crave the fight or simply yearn for adventure among the stars. The venerable and ever-updated science-fiction MMO lets you create a spaceship pilot, mine the stars, engage in corporate warfare, and live in one of the deepest MMO communities available.

DUST 514 is a unique first-person shooter that's fully integrated in to EVE Online. In DUST 514, mercenaries can fight in ground battles on planets for EVE players in order to shift the tide of war. Together, EVE and DUST players can call in orbital strikes, form player-run corporations and alliances, and even conquer planets and solar systems.

To celebrate the launch, CCP Games is offering three new item bundles filled with weapons, armor, mods, boosters, and other consumables. Here's what's in each pack:

  • Mercenary Pack - An updated version of the popular open beta bundle that includes 40,000 Aurum to spend in-game, a 30-day skill booster (+50%), and exclusive gear. ($19.99)
  • Veteran Pack - Comes with dropsuits, boosters, 100,000 Aurum, a permanent Blood Raider Acolyte vehicle, a deadly sniper rifle, and more. ($49.99)
  • Elite Pack - The ultimate in mercenary preparedness, the Elite Pack offers 200,000 Aurum, boosters, four dropsuits, multiple weapons, a permanent light attack vehicle, and a collection of Heavy Assault Vehicles. ($99.99)

CCP isn't resting now that they've launched their game, either. They've got several major updates planned for this year which will bring new gear, maps, battle types, and features to the game.

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