Customize Your Character In Star Wars: The Old Republic Update 2.1

| 14 May 2013 19:21
star wars the old republic character customize

Your hairstyle is so last millennium. Step in to SWTOR's designer kiosk and start looking fresh today.

Every so often it's nice to change things up in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Whether that means trying out a new weapon or switching up your Crew Skills, trying something different can be rewarding. In SWTOR's Update 2.1, players are encouraged to spice it up and customize their characters in ways that were never available before.

With Update 2.1, Appearance Designer Kiosks have been placed on both Fleets and Capital Worlds that allow players to further customize their character's looks. Within the Kiosk, players can change their character's body type, face, scars, tattoos, hair style, eye, hair, skin color, and even their species. You can even use the Kiosk to change to the new Cathar race that was also introduced in this update.

Update 2.1 also includes Dye Modules which allow players to recolor different types of gear. Dye Modules know no bounds, and you can use them to mix and match different colors on individual pieces of gear. There's also an option to Unify Colors for a more classy look. I think I'd opt for a rainbow Jedi look, personally.

To see Star Wars: The Old Republic's Update 2.1 in action, watch the trailer below.

Source:SWTOR Developer Blog

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