TUG, The Unnamed Game, Hits 50% Funding as Bizarre Details Trickle In

| 15 May 2013 13:09
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TUG developers outline in-game camera building, procedurally generated rhythms, and more.

The Unnamed Game is difficult to explain and it gets more difficult to explain each time Nerd Kingdom updates the game's Kickstarter campaign page. There have been 12 updates so far. Each update reveals a more ambitious layer than the last. First, they lowered the price of beta access so more people could offer their suggestions for design, then they released an update video concluding with a brief mention of a difficulty variable that is "unique." TUG's community is underway with interested parties offering up art for how they see the game and discussing details of how they feel the game should work. Finally, they offer a discussion of how music will work in the game, with the natural environment providing a procedurally generated melody in lieu of background music. There are 16 days left to fund this game, and the campaign has reached about 50% funding so far.

So why is this news? One aspect of video game development is how closed it is. As a player, I know that there are aspects of design that are mysterious as can be. For example, testing platforms and an environment for all possible movement trajectories are baffling to me. TUG is a possible project in which we can see this development up close as the developers are all about being open in as much as it is about developing an experience. This quote from their Kickstarter says a lot about their intent:

"The game can identify the kinds of activities everyone enjoys most, and that information will direct developers in creating everything from new weapons and abilities to new worlds and creatures. The more you play, the more you'll enjoy TUG!"

They later note that while they've planned certain aspects of the game, if a player or fan suggests something better or if beta-testing offers insight, they won't force their design decisions on the players.

It remains to be seen how security will function in this game but given that different types of cameras have to be built within the game to use, it would certainly be interesting to see TUG offer server security via an in-game device.

Source: TUG Kickstarter

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