WildStar Enters Second Phase Of Closed Beta -- Now Testing New Faction, Features, and PvP

| 15 May 2013 19:00
wildstar dominion

WildStar's Dominion faction takes center stage in Closed Beta 2.

WildStar is a big game with thousands of features to test. In order to find out what's working and what isn't, Carbine is rolling out a new phase of Closed Beta to test things like WildStar's second faction, The Dominion, as well as new dungeons, a PvP mode, and other major features.

In Closed Beta 1 (CBT1) the level cap was 22, but characters have been wiped for Closed Beta 2 (CBT2) and the new level cap has been raised to 30. In CBT2, players will be able to create characters of any class in the game (Esper, Stalker, Spellslinger, or Warrior) but this time they'll be limited to the Cassian, Draken, and Mechari races found on the Dominion side of things.

There are also new world regions to discover, including the Crimson Isle, Deradune, Auroria, and Whitevale, which are all filled to the brim with content. Not only will you find quests in each zone, but you'll also be able to complete player path missions which enhance each area.

The dungeon Stormtalon's Lair is still available, and Carbine have added another level 17 dungeon called The Ruins of Kel Voreth for CBT2.

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In WildStar, the legendary planet Nexus has been found. As the opposed forces of the Exiles and Dominion rush to capture it and its secrets you must pick your side and join in the fight to unlock the planet's secrets.

For competitive players, CBT2 will offer 3v3 arenas at level 30, and a new capture-the-flag-esque type battleground called Smash & Grab which unlocks at level 3. The objective of Smash & Grab is to capture 5 Moodie Masks, which spawn in random locations at the center of a map, and bring them back to your camp's totem pole to capture them.

Users who enjoy playing with friends will appreciate the new Mentoring and Rallying features. Mentoring is a system that allows high level players the chance to play with low level players without negatively affecting either player's progression. Players who are six levels or higher above a player in their group will be prompted to become a Mentor (or anyone can just type /Mentor) and will be kicked down to the same level as their party member but still maintain their skills. This is great if you want to go back and help your friends but don't want to negatively impact their experience gain.

Rallying on the other hand allows players to enter instanced content at the level of the instance. Rallying in PvP is mandatory, and all players who PvP will have their level and gear scaled up to max level. Currently PvE rallying doesn't exist, but it will be added in a future update. Doing challenges and dungeons at the level they were intended will net some interesting rewards later on.

In short, WildStar's second closed beta is adding a massive amount of features to the game. What was mentioned here only scratches the surface of the patch notes, so if you want to see all of the changes coming to the MMO, head over to the official WildStar site.

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