WildStar Developer Interview - The Story Behind Planet Nexus

| 15 May 2013 16:00
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Additionally, WildStar will offer soloable content called World Story which will be available to everyone. World Story will be episodic instanced content designed specifically for solo players who want to dig deeper in to the lore of the game. Thanks to the World Story, the development team will have a much easier time telling linear stories and allowing players to feel like they've accomplished something special in a short period of time. World Stories will of course have loot tied to it, but it's more about being able to play the game for a short amount of time and still walk away feeling productive.

Housing in WildStar is definitely another one of the major draws to the game. Everyone gets a house and a plot of land and can build up their house however they see fit. As players add more items to their house, they'll get more rest EXP for staying in it. And housing items aren't just random furniture you'll craft in your spare time. If you're out in the world and slay some crazy yet epic looking monster, you can later put its head on the wall in your house as a trophy. You can also earn housing items through various challenges, instances, and basically through every other system in the game. To clarify how diverse housing is, Content Director Mike Donatelli explained that the team compared their housing to every other MMO with the feature and that WildStar already has more items than games who have had housing for many years now. To put it simply, housing is a big deal in WildStar. "We want you to go back to your house all the time. We want you start your day in your house and end your play session in your house. We want housing to be an important aspect of you and your guild and your group of friends," said Donatelli.

Houses will also each have a yard where players can plot different types of specialized content called Plugs. Let's say your character loves mining. You can put a mining node Plug on your plot of land, and every so often when you visit your house, you'll be able to mine at that Plug. There are all sorts of Plugs, everything from resource gathering Plugs like the mining node, to Target Dummies, to Work Benches so you can craft in peace. "The whole point of the plugs is that it's completely remodelable," explained Donatelli. "I hate saying things like 'There are over one million combinations', because it sound ridiculous," he laughed, "but, there really are!"

WildStar innovates in other ways as well. The game's got quests just like every other MMO does, but to change the tried and true system up a bit, there's also a nifty device called a Communicator so that players can receive and turn in quests on the go. "We like quests, so we kept them in the game, but we tried to make them our own," explained Donatelli. "They're familiar when you see them, but we put a little bit of a spin on it."

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In WildStar, the legendary planet Nexus has been found. As the opposed forces of the Exiles and Dominion rush to capture it and its secrets you must pick your side and join in the fight to unlock the planet's secrets.

All of these features may sound neat, but they don't even begin to scratch the surface of everything WildStar has to offer. We definitely weren't able to cover everything in this developer interview, but stay tuned as we'll soon be bringing you more in-depth WildStar coverage including hands-on previews of two of the game's unique player paths, The Settler and The Scientist, as well as an interview with WildStar's Executive Producer, Jeremy Gaffney.

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