Lulzsec Hackers Sentenced Today for EVE Online, Minecraft, Escapist, and Other Hacks

| 16 May 2013 19:33
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The Lulz will follow 4 British Lulzsec hackers to jail for 20 to 32 months.

Back in 2011, Lulzsec, an offshoot of the activist group "Anonymous" managed to take down the Escapist website; login servers for EVE Online, Minecraft, and League of Legends; and the entirety of the Playstation Network. Today, 4 of those hackers were sentenced for 20 to 32 months in British prison for their laughs. These 4 men are the latest to be sentenced after Hector Xavier Monsegur or, "Sabu" turned FBI informant.

These 4 British hackers: Mustafa "tflow" al-Bassam, Ryan "kayla" Ackroyd, Jake "topiary" Davis, and Ryan "ViraL" Cleary were all caught over the course of 3 months. Ryan Cleary was arrested on June 20, 2011 while sleeping. After his arrest, child pornography was discovered on his computer.

Mustafa al-Bassam was arrested in his bedroom and did not cooperate with authorities. Police later found hand-written notes about Lulzsec's activities which named "Sabu" and "kayla" as key members of the Lulzsec hacking team. Davis was arrested on July 27, 2011 and gave up information on who was responsible for what.

Finally, Ryan Ackroyd was arrested. However, upon his arrest, he insisted that "kayla" was his sister and that he had never heard of Lulzsec or IRC. He maintained this story until the date of his trial whereupon Ackroyd pled guilty to all hacking charges except for the DDoS attacks.

The last of the 5 "key" hackers in the Lulzsec operations, "Sabu" has not yet been sentenced due to his cooperation with authorities. It is reported that once "Sabu" is sentenced that he could receive up to 124 years of prison time.

It will be interesting to see if there is any sort of reaction to these sentences.

Sources: for "Sabu", Ars Technica Sentencing Story, Ars Technica Piece on Lulzsec activities

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