Only The Strong Survive In Ragnarok 2's PvP Colosseum

| 17 May 2013 16:03

Thirty enter, only the strong walk away.

PvP in MMOs usually revolves around large battlegrounds and small arenas, but Ragnarok 2 is changing it up a bit. Rather than having hundreds of people face off against one another, their approach is to let players prove their worth in a Colosseum battle for their lives, and points.

Ragnarok Online II
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Originally known as The Gate of the World, now known as Legend of the Second. The Gate of the World terminated in August 2010; Legend of the Second is still in open beta, and has been since January 2013.

The Ragnarok 2 Colosseum event happens twice a day at 1pm & 6pm PDT and pits 30 random characters who are level 25 and above against each other for five rounds of battle. After every round, scores are tallied based on how many players and monsters each user defeats, and the six lowest ranked players will be kicked out of the Colosseum. You also lose points for every death, so staying alive is imperative.

For those who manage to stay in the Colosseum, after each round they'll receive PvP points called Blood Points that can be spent on things like high quality PvP armor, weapons, and mounts and a Victory Random Box containing useful consumables.

If you want to see the Colosseum in action, check out the trailer below. As the free-to-play Ragnarok 2 is currently the top MMO on Steam, there's no reason to not try it out today if this new type of PvP mode piques your interest.

Source: Ragnarok 2 Official Website

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