MapleStory Celebrates Its Eighth Anniversary In North America

| 17 May 2013 17:19
maplestory eighth anniversary

MapleStory's 8th Anniversary month is here and Nexon is ready to celebrate.

MapleStory, the free-to-play MMO from Nexon has been around in North America for eight years. Can you believe that? Over those eight years, Nexon have released abundant amounts of content including new characters like Kanna and Hayato, character customization options, and other large chunks of gameplay that has kept players busy for almost a decade.

"We have a dedicated and engaged group of players, and we appreciate the loyalty and passion they have for MapleStory," said Teddy Kim, Nexon America's producer of MapleStory. "We are committed to continuing to deliver the best content to our players to keep the adventures rolling."


To celebrate their anniversary, Nexon is holding special events in MapleStory like eighth anniversary coin giveaways to all players level 10 and above and XP bonus events. Players can even earn celebration boxes with random goodies inside for defeating monsters.

Nexon's even holding a special Bake-Off contest where users can create real-life baked desserts with the phrase "Super 8th" in the decorations and win up to 100,000 points in MapleStory currency. Yum!

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