Dust 514 and EVE Online Integration Plagued with Bugs

| 21 May 2013 16:32
dust 514 launch

In Dust 514, corporations can't lose planets and they can't stop spy infiltration.

Dust 514 was released to the masses last week and players got to experience their first glitches and bugs over the weekend. Three of these bugs are pretty game shattering. First, there is an impressive amount of lag in large battles. Next, there are reports about districts that corporations should have lost that were not. Apparently, an unnamed, unacknowledged bug (thus far) is allowing corporations to hold the lost district and regenerate forces strong enough to maintain their hold on the district. Second, awoxing, or the infiltration of spies into enemy corporations, has thus far been too difficult to deal with. This has caused a number of large EVE Online Corporations to cease recruitment. So, within the first week, the meta-game of DUST 514 has made itself known. Fixes for these bugs are said to be in the works.

According to this DUST 514 forum thread, one player indicated that they experienced the most lag while driving around certain parts of a map. While inside the turreted vehicle, turret motion (which should be 180 degrees without lag) would "turn in roughly 30 degree" increments. As is the case with most lag, characters would suddenly be dead without any indication as to why.

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In that same thread, CCP Nullarbor, DUST 514 developer for CCP, acknowledged that these bugs exist and that they should get fixes out "soon." With the constant delays and various problems DUST 514 has experienced throughout its development, there have been more than a few angry gamers asking why this game was not still in beta.

To give an example of the type of lag players were experiencing, one player posted a video describing why they were disappointed with the game:

Source: TheMittani

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